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  1. First bid $50 for a 2.5* hotel, won and was upgraded to a 3*. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$50.00 Subtotal: US$50.00 Taxes & Service Fees: US$14.14 Total Charges: US$64.14
  2. Just wondering anyone booked a hotel room at Knott's berry farm hotel that might need travel from LAX (Los angeles airport)? What is the best & cheapest way to get there? It's like 30 miles away from the airport, therefore the taxi fare will be rather crazy.....just wants to know if there are other alternative ways to get there... Thanks
  3. I won this hotel with my 3rd try. Originally tried with $55, declined. $58, tells me if I am willing to pay $17 extra I will get an offer, I waited. Today, originally going to place bid at $60, figure it's only $3 difference in total, try $61 and WON!! :) Subtotal: $198.00 Tax & service fee: $31.56
  4. Thanks. However, I am a bit concern now (oh well....) that when I search around for reviews, there are more bad reviews to this hotel than good one. >.< What have I got myself into?! I hope I will turn out to be the "good review" bunch. Anyone stayed at the Crowne Plaza Montreal before? Can you tell me your experience? Thanks.
  5. WOW! It's my first time and it only took me 2 mins and won the bid. (maybe my bid was too high? well, I am happy about it already) Your Offer Price: $65.00 (US dollars) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $195.00 (US dollars) Taxes & Service Fees: $33.21 (US dollars) Total Charges: $228.21 (US dollars) May 26 - May 29 2005 Just for sharing, I did research on getting hotel by booking thru internet. The cheapest I came across with CAA membership was Quality Inn Downtown (on crescent st) $115 CDN + tax (I would say right now, the US/Canada currency is 1 : 1.22? let's make it 1.25) which means I will need to pay approximately $105.80 US per night in a 2* (2 1/2*?) VS now, a 3* for only approximately $76.07 US per night. I am happy....though next time, I will try a even more low bid to start with.......learn from experience.
  6. Wow...all the deals I hear from this forum are great! I just went to hotwire to check, all the hotels with 3* and above are all over $100.......which is quite different from the stories I hear. Can anyone explain why? I was trying to check prices for next week (figure the closer the date gets, the cheaper) and also for my planned date May 26-May 29 but all of them are over $100US ......I am confused. I've read another posting dated back in March that the person booked a hotel in montreal downtown (rating was 3.5? for May 28-30 for $85 ) But when I check the date, they're all over $100...... Stupid question: hotwire is not a bidding site like priceline, right?
  7. Hello All, I am new to this priceline thing (Heard of it for long time) I am planning to go to Montreal in May. I have a total of 4 adults which we want to stay in 1 room (2 double bed) I know when placing a bid thru priceline, they don't really care how many parties you've got and you need to deal with the hotel itself for any other request like beds, non-smoking...etc. Just wants to know if you ever bid a hotel intended for 4 person to stay in, but end up they hotel can only offer you 1 bed (i.e. Queen or King size) ? What are the chances of getting 2 double bed? I mean, I don't really care which hotel I stay in after I choose the star rating. But I will be so screw up when I am stuck with 1 bed for 4 person. Thanks.