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  1. Hahaha YES! Don't know how I keeping expecting you guys to read my mind... BUT you ALWAYS do!
  2. Hey guys!!! We plan on staying one night at the Best Western Airport Hotel on the night of June 19. We have over a dozen family members staying there already so are pretty much sticking with that location for a pre cruise hotel stay. Do you see any stand out deals that may point to that location? OR since we know where we want to stay do you recommend we stick with booking directly through the hotel? Thanks AGAIN!
  3. Ok you guys seriously are THE BEST! Park MGM is the hotel I was actually hoping for! I'd been pricing it out for a few weeks! With my MLife account the lowest price I could find was $640 with taxes and resort fees for those 3 nights! I took your guidance, and fur the low low price of $452 we are staying at our hotel of choice!!! Thank YOU!!! So, now I'm curious, and advice/suggestions for renting a car? We want to pick it up in San Diego on February 18 and then drive it to LV on the 20th returning it on the 20th. Thoughts?
  4. Me again ~ Looking for your amazing guidance!! We are ending our San Diego vacation (that you helped me with) by driving to Las Vegas to spend a few days there. We will be staying February 20-23, 2019 I am looking at a Hotwire Deal for $88/night that says the amenities include: Business center Casino Fitness center Internet access Pet friendly Pool(s) Resort Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Hotwire's site states that the 'last person got ParkMGM'. Is this your guess for this hotel? Thanks guys!!!
  5. Fantastic! You were correct.... Hyatt Regency! Great deal.... Even though they charge a LOT for parking and resort fees this discounted rate helps a whole bunch! I also used your Priceline Coupon Code and was able to save a bit more! Thanks again!
  6. Ok guys ~ I just am coming back to reality after being down with an AWFUL stomach virus! UGH!!!! But, the good news is that I just jumped onto Priceline to book our room and see a 4 Star Room in the Mission Beach neighborhood for a lower price than earlier in the week. It is Monday and Tuesday nights, February 18 and 19 for $76 = regularly priced at $158. The amenities include: Free Internet Access Business Center Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Pets Allowed Swimming Pool What is your best guess for this hotel? I am READY!!!!
  7. Thank you!!!! I don't know why it wasn't showing on my page but when I click your link it worked! I will certainly use your links when I book, whether it use PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal or decide to bid on PL!
  8. I just looked on Hotwire and it appears that the same deal ($129) for those nights.... Thinking that is likely the same hotel?
  9. We have only been to SD one time and spent the majority of our time around Mission Beach, which is why I was focusing on that area. That being said, we will have a car so are definitely flexible to consider other areas. My goal is to find a 4* for close to $125 for those 2 nights. Would you recommend I try to bid, or continue researching Express Deals? Thanks!b
  10. Thank you Aaron, I went on to book it this morning and it looks like that deal is gone. Darn!! Back to my searching 🙂
  11. Good evening, You all have always been SO helpful, I'm reaching out again for guidance. I'm looking at a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal. It's a 4* Mission Beach-Pacific Beach-Ocean Beach for February 18 and 19 listed at $127. Amenities: Fitness Center No Smoking Pets Allowed Business Center Free internet Pool Whaddya think? Thanks, as always, for your help!!
  12. Great news! We used your link and secured the SunCoast for only $43/night! Even better, since I accidentally clicked 'smoking' instead of 'non smoking' room Priceline contacted the hotel and switched it for me! Thanks again for your help!!
  13. I sure will let you know ~ One additional question: There is a 3 1/2 * hotel PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for the same dates (August 21-24) at $43. Looking at your hotel list for the Summerlin area would you agree that this is likely the Suncoast Hotel? Thanks again!
  14. Fantastic! Thank you!! Ok, I will certainly use your link when I book this Express Deal!!!
  15. Good morning friends! I see a 5* Express Deal on PL for Summerlin for $85 August 21-24. Would I be correct in assuming it is the Red Rock since it appears that's the only 5* in that neighborhood? If that is indeed the case would it be wise for me to bid on it instead? Thank you for your help as always!
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