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  1. The air conditioner in our room was faulty and very very noisy, they tried fixing it without success, and refused to change the room even though the hotel wasn't full. This caused a lot of wasted hours both on the evening of our arrival and on the following days. The front desk staff wasn't of much help.
  2. Thanks for the reminder to update the details of the booking. The Express deal was for Holiday Inn Express Hotel And Suites South Everett. 3 stars Amenities : free wifi, free parking, swimming pool and more 65 USD per day + taxes.
  3. Hi, Eventually didn't go to New York. Thank you so much for your help with trying to find a suitable hotel.
  4. Has anyone stayed at this hotel ? It has very bad reviews saying that it is not at all a luxurious hotel, rather a building which has been divided into very basic room with people being very disappointed with the huge difference between the pictures online and the real room they received.
  5. Thanks for the link Less than $130 including taxes would allow for a longer stay What are the reasons prices are lower starting on the 12th ? Is there some event taking place on the 10th and 11th or are prices just usually lower during the week ?
  6. Hi, The date is the 10th of December. Number of days depends on the price of the hotel. The lower the price the longer the trip. Between 4 and 6 days. Thanks
  7. Thank you for your reply. I'm looking for a hotel starting on the 10th of December for about 4 to 6 days.
  8. Thank you both for your help. There was a good PRICELINE EXPRESS deal in Everett, so stayed there instead.
  9. HI, Looking for a centrally located hotel in New York city for less than $120 for the 2nd week of December. I thought of using name your own price, but the recent wins are showing prices above $160. We don't need anything fancy, just a clean place to stay. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your replies. Romelle, thanks for the suggestion. Where are the Bonus Money Opportunities coupons located ? For hotel offers that are showing on PRICELINE EXPRESS deals, how much less should I expect to pay if bidding ? If there is a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for 100$ before taxes, how much should I expect to pay for the same area and star rating on priceline bidding ?
  11. Hi , There is a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for a 3* with a rating of 8+ for $70. Travelling mid September. Would like to get a similar hotel through NYOP as from what I've read NYOP offers lower prices than the express deals. Based on the express deal rate, how much should I expect to pay using NYOP ? Thanks
  12. Hi When searching for 3 star hotels in Tukwilla, the priceline websites shows hotels with a rating above 8, however on the NYOP page, 3 star Tukwilla region only guarantees a rating of 7+. In addition, the NYOP page shows the area as Tukwilla - Renton and the regular hotel search page shows the area as Renton. Is it the same zone ? If I bid on the Tukwilla zone, can I expect a hotel with a rating of 8+ as all the hotels shown in a regular priceline search in that zone are rated above 8, or is it likely to be a hotel with a rating of 7 as is guaranteed on the NYOP page, even though no hotel with a rating below 8 is shown on a regular priceline hotel search in that area ? Thanks
  13. Bids up to $55 were rejected. Accepted bid : $62 Subtotal : $124 Taxes & Fees : $24.82 Total : $148.82 It was possible to extend for an extra $62 per day + $15.73 taxes & fees = $77.73 per day. Nice hotel, nice staff. Very close to the airport, free airport shuttle.
  14. Started bidding a few hours before arriving at the hotel. $45 bid was rejected. Winning bid : $47.00 Taxes and fees : $12.37 Total : $59.37 The hotel is beautiful. The staff was very nice. Free wifi. Swimming pool, coin operated laundry room. Very convenient. Beautiful double queen room with a beautiful bathroom.
  15. 6th April 2012. A total of $64 including taxes and fees. $40 and $44 bids were rejected. The hotel was fantastic. Free parking, very nice room with a balcony, and free internet for Hilton honors members (Non members can register for free at the hotel). I'll add a detailed review of the hotel to the reviews forum.
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