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  1. Not bad; got 3 rooms at the Sheraton Gateway for $63 ($77 all in with taxes and fees) per night for 2 nights. Booked Thursday for the Sunday 3 days later.
  2. Add the Edison Hotel under the 3 star list please. $78 ($95 all ion with taxes and fees) on the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal side
  3. 8/2 2 rooms $71; bid $55 initially and they allowed a re-bid immediately @ $71
  4. 4* Atlantic City Area now includes The Chelsea, previously a 3.5* Was shooting for Harrahs or the taj as they were the only ones listed on here as 4*, but got The Chelsea.
  5. I need the Harrah's or Taj Mahal (for a customer). I know the criteria I need are 4 star, Cape May, and the Atlantic City area. Any suggestions on where I should start my bidding? Additionally, which search terms can I add so I can bid more than just once in a day? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I need some advice on the best way to get multiple rooms for a Montreal trip. Obviously the preference is to have them be at the same hotel, but I was told by them that this assurance wasnt possible. I was hoping some of the experts here might have some better advice. I would like a 4 Star in the Downtown-City Center area. The sheraton would be fine, as I can see that people have gotten rooms for $90-$100/night, which is fine as well. My four rooms also have 3 different dates: 1) 6/20-6/26 2) 6/21-6/26 3) & 4) 6/21-6/23 Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. Can you please share what criteria you used in getting the Marriott? I asked someone else in another thread, so mods, apologies in advance for the dupe post. TIA
  8. CAn you tell me what criteria you used in getting the Marriott? TIA.
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