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  1. (I used the PRICELINE link on this site before I started my bidding) Dates: Aug. 19-21 Star level: 5* Bids: $91 (rejected, added Strip North) Rebid: $96 (rejected, added Strip South) Rebid: $101, 106, 111, 114, 119 (free rebids, all rejected) Bid: $122 (rejected, offered "buy now" for $140/night, I declined) Bid: $124 (rejected) Bid: $126/night ACCEPTED Trump International I am very happy with my win, my wife and I stayed at the Trump last year after another priceline win, and enjoyed the chilled out non-gaming atmosphere, and really liked the pool. Our stay here will compliment our Priceline win on Aug. 17-19 at Aria pretty well I think. :-)
  2. (I used the PRICELINE link on this site before I started my bidding) Dates: Aug. 17-19 Star level: 5* Bids: $80/night (rejected) Rebid #1: $81/night (rejected) Rebid #2: $82/night ACCEPTED Aria Cost breakdown: Room Subtotal: $164.00 Taxes & Fees: $29.66 Total Charged to Card: $193.66 :-)
  3. Used PRICELINE link 4* San Francisco (SFO Airport-Burlingame) Hyatt, $57...6/30/10-7/1/10 First bid $41 Rejected Rebid 1 $44 Rejected Rebid 2 $49 Rejected Rebid 3 $52 Rejected Rebid 4 $57 Accepted Taxes and fees $16.22 Total $73.22 Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport 1333 Bayshore Highway Burlingame, California 94010 650-347-1234 I have stayed here before, so I know what I am getting. Interesting note is that ALL my winning bids have been between $56 and $66. (approx 5 different times). Nick
  4. Nice, I am sure you will like the Renaissance, I stayed there last Saturday (a Priceline win at $75), the rooms are very nice there. The cool thing is that the monorail stop is right by there, so you can get to the strip for like $3 in 5 minutes. :-) Enjoy your stay! Nick
  5. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that the Four Queens is now a priceline hotel, which makes it the first 3 star hotel in the Fremont Street zone. Be careful when adding rebid zones! :-) Obviously I won this hotel. I was trying to get a 3 star on the Strip, added Fremont thinking it was free. Oh well, all is good, I got it for $56 on a Friday (Aug. 18). Never been on Fremont either, so should be fun... :-) Nick
  6. Got this after making 4 free rebids. Started at $55, then $62, then $69, then $73. After this it came back saying my price would be accepted if I added $17. Obviously I said no and added another free zone and $3 to my bid, which was then accepted. :-) Nick
  7. I got the Hilton Costa Mesa on my second bid of the day (I had been trying for a couple days at ridiculously low prices, hehe, $25, $30, obviously was hoping for a miracle). I then got "serious" and got the Hilton. First rejected bid was at $52, added Disneyland as free rebid, bumped to $58 and was accepted. The only thing that irritates me is that in doing some research I found out that parking is $14/day, which is kinda silly, but oh well, I guess it's sorta offset by the deal I got on Priceline, hehe. Nick
  8. Was trying for a 4*, but went from $60 up to $90 and did not get accepted (ended up using all my rebids). Decided to try for a 3* downtown for $61, and Priceline came back and said my offer would be accepted if I added $17, I said screw that. Started over (South Calgary as added zone) at a bid of $65 and it immediately came back as a winner at the Calgary Marriott, which I want to note had ALL the rooms remodeled in Feb. 2006 with: (from the hotel website) "Newly renovated rooms feature 'Revive', the new bed from Marriott - down comforters, designer duvets and fluffier pillows. New granite vanities and spa-like baths offer a serene escape." I am super excited, I used to live in Calgary and love the city, it will be my wifes' first time there so it should be nice. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the Marriott at some point soon gets upgraded to a 4* due to the renovations etc... Happy bidding! Nick
  9. OH man! Do I feel like an idiot! Thanks Blueskies! :-) Nick
  10. Hi fellow Priceliners! I am mostly a lurker here but I have a question. A friend of mine is going to a wedding in October and wants to specifically stay at either Mandalay Bay or the Luxor. I am trying to find the place on either of their websites where I my friend could sign up for the email promotions, but for the life of me can't. Can anyone help me out here? Nick
  11. Thanks for the replies, as a sidenote, I booked most of the rest of our trip with Priceline too, we are staying at the Royal Lahaina from May 29 - June 2 (average of $91/night, as I split days), and also booked our car rental at $13/day (for a compact). I think this was not too bad, as last year I spent $20/day for a compact car alone! I will likely not accept Pricelines counter in the future, it's just that I wanted to get our final booking done and over with, after about 2 months of bargain hunting, and didn't mind "splurging" for the last night in Maui (we are also spending a week on the Big Island too). :-) Happy deal hunting! Nick
  12. My first attempt at a resort in Lahaina, I bid $135, rejected, but when rejected a message came up saying if I raised my price by $22 it would be accepted. I figured the price was in line with what other people have paid, so just went ahead and did it. Looks really nice! Me and my wife are very excited! Nick