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  1. you were spot on - W Hotel!! $128 a night inc taxes - that search didn't always come up for some reason and was normally showing up at over $200 earlier! Really happy I think and used the link provided by! Cheers
  2. For some reason your is giving a great rate! Do you think this is the Guild Red River? (Based on the customer 9/10 rating?). Doesn’t seem as if it has been won before? HOTEL LINK
  3. thanks guys - not booked yet as trying my luck on NYOP but I am guessing these prices will be similar to the Express Deals? thanks for your help
  4. Apologies I didn't know there were other tools other than the lists - I will try those next time. . Thanks for the insight of it being the AT&T - I will take a closer look. Seems a little far from where I will be most days but could work - prefer a cheaper room thought!!
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to do a bid for a 4* in the Downtown area of Austin 21-24 Jan - as close to the convention center as possible. I've tried a few bids of $128 - $150 a night - and thought I'd check the Express deals to benchmark my pricing - this is showing up as around $200 a night. I'd prefer a 4.5* but let't not carried away as don't really want to even spend $200. Anyway I am trying to ID the hotel in the Express deal but can't match it to any of the 4*s in the Priceline List of hotels. The amenities are:- Free Internet Available Outdoor Swimming Pool Fitness Center Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Spa Restaurant Free Internet Access Swimming Pool Anyone with any ideas where this could be? many thanks!
  6. many thanks - hopefully a good location and some good bars. Stayed in Central Loop a few times and River North but not the best night life (important on a work trip eh?!). I'm sure I saw somewhere with the Express deal which was pretty much the same price with the discount that it would have been a King size bed....with NYOP any type of room is guaranteed isn't it so we could get the cheapest room which is 2 double beds? Are the hotels usually ok at moving someone by themself to a King room that you know of?
  7. Hopefully everything clicked through - in the end did NYOP and got it for £110 a night which I think is reasonable - and was the Westin! So £130 inc tax.... Offer price:£110.00/night Number of rooms:3 rooms Number of nights:3 nights Room subtotal:£990.00 Taxes & fees:£195.84 Total charged today:£1,185.84 Thanks for all your help and great insight into thinking it's the Westin - hopefully a good hotel
  8. Not sure if you can create a link - but can you create the same link which in GBP? It is exactly the same in USD as it is in GBP just means I wouldn't need to convert from USD to GBP - the link I have is
  9. good question - yes I have been requesting 3 rooms so all pricing is based on 3 rooms! Good to check though. I'll read through your comments now - but wanted you to know. We have a budget with the company which I think we can hit but I'd rather get the best * rating hotel we can - and not a random hotel!
  10. Just a update as I never replied to this thread - in the end the per night stay was crazy high so I got someone else to pay for it as it was circa $650 a night and only the Hyatt Place Downtown which was nothing special at all!! Thanks for all your help on this
  11. No problem - I will update that thread apologies I didn't. No in the end the per night stay was crazy high so I got someone else to pay for it as it was circa $650 a night and only the Hyatt Place Downtown which was nothing special at all!! It is shown as $345 or so at the moment which is slightly better but not worth it in any way point of view! Yes for MagMile I have only allowed added zones which don't have 4* - some colleagues for whatever reason want to stay in that area and seems to be around that price all over central Chicago. For 4.5 I got to around £105 a night and was then offered to £138 for another bid (assume that would be accepted) - Express deals are available for £113 For 4* I got to around £70 and was offered to increase to £107 for another bid (assume that would be accepted) - Express deals are available for £82 So both NYOP and Express seem to be very close - which I wouldn't expect especially when traditionally it was always much cheaper - but is of course much cheaper than the "Try Again Right Now" for NYOP - which is odd?
  12. Hi I'm looking for a room in Chicago 12-15 Nov and I have been trying NYOP for both 4.5 and 4* in Magnificent Mile (tried 5* but went too close to RRP 4* hotels which I'd be happy with!). With both 4.5 and 4* hotels I got to within $s of what was being offered as a Express deal - and then being offered to increase my bid by $x to have a go again (which is usually accepted) - but this was about $40 over the Exrpress deal per night! Can anyone offer any advice? I used to have lots of success with NYOP but don't seem to be having any luck with it recently. Many thanks! Greg
  13. thanks very much for coming back to me - seems the 13-14 may have a lot more availability therefore I could find a Priceline name your price for a good price - do many people still use this option? Many years ago when I came to the States and toured round I used Name Your Price a lot and did really well out of it - is it still used a lot? Would I be better off doing 11-13 and 13-14 separately with Name Your Price as the prices may be very different/no availability on the 11-13? Happy to move if it is easy to do so.... Really appreciate your help and I will do my research tomorrow. Thanks
  14. No unfortunately it wasn't on Priceline as much as I wanted it to be - I was with 2 others including our CEO so I couldn't cancel my room and get a better room! Then I feel I could have got a really good deal as everywhere was really cheap - we stayed in the CQ Central Loop hotel which was around $133 a night - but at the moment I can't see anything near that. Obviously I'd prefer the best * hotel and budget - I guess would be $260 based on the all the pricing at the moment but I have a feeling that would need to be higher looking at the availability but any suggestions would be great!! Cheers