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  1. Was the Hyatt Place at 101nt/ 366 total w/fees. 3* Chesapeake Greenbrier 8/24-27/2017. Marginal deal, most I'd pay for this type property and location but happy w/it. Wife had a 15% off from PL so wanted to use it - sorry - but very appreciative of your effort.
  2. Taking your advice and hope it's the Hyatt. I may know how to bid and like doing the research but only deal I have this year is a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for 1 night and wasn't a great deal at all - the 20% off and wasn't a 4*, 3 at best. So not much to report. My hunch was right on previous described scenario? Thanks again.
  3. I forget what happened 6 years ago so sorry don't have any info to provide for the thread. Sorry, didn't see in previous post that you said Hyatt Place. Can you say for sure it wouldn't be Comfort Suite or Hilton Garden? Curious, how you assess what hotel it is? I'd be fine with HP. Odd how HP not showing up for regular booking on PL when searching in the Ches/Greenbrier area. On Hyatt site it's 119/nt so 20% off as it says in listing. Would you take the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal at 100 or try bidding 3* in the Ches/Greenbrier area to get lower price? Or would I run risk of getting property I don't want? Curious, what your take is on this...Ideally wanted Norfolk or Portsmouth 3.5* which is likely Renaissance, Marriott and Sheraton or 4* in VA Beach/Pembroke. Rack is close to or above 200, tried 1 bid already (108 last attempt) but don't want to go more than 100 ideally (fees are 25% or so so plus that) but not seeing 50% off on bids these days from PL. Ran into this same problem in Philly recently. I know there's many variables but the deals don't seem to be there anymore. it's like 20% off on Express (Express deals fees are gross and sometimes make it a non deal) or Bidding. Thanks for your help!
  4. <link removed> Above is the link. Free Internet Free Breakfast Airport Shuttle Business Center Fitness Center Non Smoking Pets Allowed Restaurant Swimming Pool Listed Amenities above. What about the rating - say's it's 9+ - can you compare to ratings of others to get a sense? 8/24-27/17 are my dates. Thanks
  5. Hi, Can anyone say with high probability what a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal 3* in Chesapeake - Greenbrier Area will be? Hope it's not Comfort Suites or HIlton Garden Inn. Risk you take when at 3* but one I don't want to take. Looking at 8/24-27. Price is 101 + fees. Was hoping for 4* in Norfolk or VB/Pembroke but all near $200 and not going to take my $100 or so.
  6. Hi, Need two nights in Memphis 12/31 and 1/1. Obviously 12/31 will be real tough. Aside from my specifics (downtown, 3* or better) better to put in 1 bid for 12/31 and a separate one for 1/1 so don't get crushed on price for both nights as 1/1 will be much cheaper? Any other thoughts on getting room for night of 1/1 Also, this is a two part trip Memphis and Nashville. Can do in reverse and 12/31 and 1/1 in Nashville. Appears more and better hotels (3*) in downtown Nashville. Thanks.
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