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  1. Celebrating our 10 year anniversary, came from Seattle, with final destination being Palm Springs. Decided to stay one night in West Hollywood. Originally wanted Mandrian but knew it would take a bid of around $160+ to even gamble getting it, based on other posts here. Since we were getting in late, decided to go lower. 1st bid - $100. Got no results. 2nd bid - $115. Got accepted by Hyatt Century Plaza. Nice hotel. As with other 4* Hyatt's I've been to, internet is not free, nor is breakfast. Request the better view (view of the swimming pool, MGM Studios, and a pretty good view of
  2. Took a trip from Seattle, WA to Palm Springs, CA and decided to stay in Redding on night one. Booked at about 2pm on same day, bid $60 and was accepted for Hilton Garden Inn Redding. Booking directly through Hilton's website for same room moments after showed $110 as the cheapest. Hotel was nice, has elevator and "load it yourself" Bellman
  3. Thanks for the reply. I actually landed one. I'll provide specifics next week along with the past purchases from this summer.
  4. Thank you very much for the reply. I didn't see any information as to when the last update was, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't looking at outdated information. I actually purchased a groupon last night, $40 for an $80 bid.. Would like to land a 4- or 5- star hotel in downtown Seattle. Based on the helpful list you all have compiled, it looks like the Downtown Pike is my best option. From what I understand with this deal it covers the first $80, then I must bid at least $1, which means a total bid of at least $81. Do you have any suggestions? I used the advice from these forums this
  5. Thanks for the Priceline Hotel List. I'm about to bid based on the details provided here. I see the last reply in this thread was made nearly a year ago, and cannot tell the last time OP was updated. Is this list still valid, or have there likely been many changes since the last update? If the latter's the case, is there another thread/site with more current info? TIA.
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