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  1. Started with $42 bid Ignored the offer to up my bid by $8 and bid $50. Instead added a free re-bid zone and bid $44 won the property for $44 plus tax $58.06.
  2. Needed a few more nights in New Orleans - tried for French Quarter this time - and got the Marriott New Orleans for $60 - fine by me! Parking will cost almost as much as the room! :lol: Clicked on the PRICELINE link, started my bidding at $56 - used a few rebid zones and landed this. Thanks again, Better bidding!
  3. After clicking on the PRICELINE link in this most excellent site I began bidding at $52 for a 4* and using rebid zones landed this most excellent hotel for $60! SWEET! $60 Room 17 Taxes and Fees 77 total
  4. Having figured out that there are no real "steals" in Monterey (...like my $75 4* Hyatt in Chicago priceline hotel win in July) I am nonetheless happy with a 40% reduction in price on the Hyatt Regency Monterey. Hey - it's cheaper than the backup reservation I had at La Quinta! I used the PRICELINE link on the board - first a few days ago when I bid from $85 up to $125 - no luck. On a whim decided to try again tonight and started at $126 - won on the first bid. Thanks as always for all the great info here.
  5. I clicked on the PRICELINE link here in Better Bidding Started at $54 and using rebid zones won the Hyatt Regency for $80. I've stayed at this hotel before: it is an absolutely HUGE convention hotel. Not romantic :) but absolutely perfect location for a short walk to the Art Museum, Grant Park or up Michigan Ave. to the shops and water tower place! The rooms are good - and for $80 can't be beat! Thanks, Better Bidding :)
  6. Well, it's about time! I've been bidding, F-O-R-E-V-E-R -and finally (after clicking through the PRICELINE link on this most excellent site!!) I get at least one night of my three in Singapore. Clearly Singapore is so different than any other country I've bid for - there are very few week days won. And the weekends that are won are won close to the stay, not months or even weeks out. I would have loved to win for my whole stay - but will settle for one night at $88 since the Conrad is almost $300 a night for that day! Here are the dates: Check-In Date: Friday, September 3, 2010 Check-Out Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010 Hotel Name: Conrad Centennial Singapore Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore, Singapore 65-63348888 Your Offer Price: US$88.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: US$88.00 Taxes and Fees: US$23.50 Total Charges: US$111.50
  7. Checked Holiday Inn - more expensive than the pan pacific with the america PRICELINE EXPRESS deal I booked. Tried to bid again - up to $100 - no luck! Sigh
  8. Just and update - after seeing a singapore win on the boards I was encouraged and set out (through this link to PRICELINE) to win my hotel. Still no luck. Bid first trying for Conrad bor City Hall with rebid zones from $85 up to $110- no luck Closed Browser. Bid starting with Orchard Road (bidding for Hilton, most likely) starting at 77, using rebids up to $99. No luck. Will keep trying but beginning to wonder if my dates are bad (big event in town??)
  9. Wow, thanks everybody for your ideas, encouragement and insight. Especially Marnie_g for you "other" hotel ideas. I will look at the holiday inn as a backup because the Pan Pacific is so expensive even on the amex deal I reserved. Will let you know as I continue to bid.
  10. :) Well I join the ranks of failed bidders for Singapore! I have never had so many failed bids on PRICELINE! Clicking on the ever convenient PRICELINE link here on better bidding I have bid: on 7/13 up to $93 (using city hall then rebids on east coast finnacial and riverside) (hoping for the Conrad) on 7/15 up to $95 (using above and adding orchard- thinking, well the Hilton would be okay) Got a little desperated - so I bid on the PRICELINE Singapore site - but you can only submit one bid a day - I am up to 80 - but don't know if it is the same database or not. then on 7/16 I bid every possible configuration - including splitting my bid by ONE DAY AT A TIME. up to 104 on 7/17 I went up to $120 - bidding for the whole stay and then splitting off only the first 2 days. I got creative and closed browsers and varied combinations! today I bid again on the stategy of 7/13 above up to 95 but got nada. and last night I made a back up reservation at Pan Pacific using an America PRICELINE EXPRESS rate of singapore $255 adn $220 which averages out to about $176 a night. That is DOUBLE what I want to pay - yikes! But I've never been to singapore, and am a woman traveling alone with two young girls so I don't want to stay in Hotel 81 in the red light district!!! :) To bid higher sounds like I might get the marriott for $150 - but think I would rather have the Pan Pacific for $176? Any thoughts from those who have been? I see I can get the Albert Court Village for $120 on Expedia but that looks like QUITE a step down. Waiting is the way to go huh? Any other "deals" out there besides PRICELINE that I should look at - THANKS! Detail question- does anyone know what the 5* in bugis is? Intercontinental? Is it safe to stay in bugis? Not to close to the seedy stuff?
  11. :) This is exactly the hotel I hoped to get for the best price I could find on the boards! Hurray! I clicked through on better bidding PRICELINE link! Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress One Grand Cypress Boulevard Orlando, FL 32836 407-239-1234 Bidding Strategy: After finding 11 rebid zones in Orlando (wow) I first checked: Lake Buena Vista/Downtown Disney and Resorts - Bid $58 added free rebid zone Kissimmee ....bid 59 added free rebid zone Maitland ...bid 60 added free rebid zone Ocoee...bid 61 added free rebid zone Orlando Airport East...bid 62 added free rebid zone Orlando East bid... 63 WON! :) Check-In: Thursday, July 22, 2010-04:00 PM Check-Out: Wednesday, July 28, 2010-12:00 PM Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $63.00 (USD) (by the way this is a great deal, even for priceline! $159 is cheapest rate online! That is a 63% discount) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 6 Room Subtotal: $378.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $61.62 (USD) Total Room Cost: $439.62 (USD) Thanks Better bidding for your always amazing info! P
  12. Well, $50 for 4* is good - $238 on Hilton's site - Thanks to better bidding strategy! I used the PRICELINE link Wanted Galleria, wanted to spend less than $60 for a 4* - but up to $70 for a 5* First tried to win a 5* for a steal - bid $45 on 5* galleria, adding re-bid zones at $1 (then $2) - up to $70 but no go. Closed the browser and started bidding 4* Galleria for $42 - adding rebid zones (all but downtown) in $1 increments until I won the Hilton at $50. Thanks and Good day to you! pamelajean
  13. Won the knickerbocker for $81 bid (actually, $76 after using the $5 a night for a total of $25 bonus cash that was in my priceline account) which is just fine since it is $229 regular price for those days. It worked perfectly to click through the PRICELINE link here on betterbidding, sign into priceline and then use my bonus cash in the MY PROFILE, MY REWARDS section. Started my bid at $55, and worked my way up to $81 on rebids. I only wanted NMA so I didn't bid on loop. Love the location of the Knickerbocker - has anyone ever stayed there? looks like rooms are small. Is the renovation done or will I be sleeping in dust? Thanks as always for a great site!
  14. Using thereuare's wonderful bidding strategy (outlined for another user) I bid and won a great hotel - and feel great that I got the lowest price possible. The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago North Michigan Ave - River North Area 909 North Michigan Avenue Check-In Date: Tue, Jul 29, 2008 Check-Out Date:Thu, Jul 31, 2008 $113 a night (going for $298 on the Westin website!) Bidding: NMA 75 NMA +(rebid) Midway 83 NMA+ (rebid #2) Lincoln Park 90 (closed Browser) Millennium park 75 Millennium park + (rebid) Midway 85 Millennium Park+ (rebid #2) Lincoln Park 93 (closed Browser) NMA+ Millennium 99 NMA+ Millennium + Rebid Midway 106 (rejected bid - I ignored their offer to "raise my bid by $22" ) NMA+ Millennium+ rebid #2 Lincoln Park 113 WON!!
  15. Good evening you night owls! I've used all the tools (pinned lists, hotwire packages, and list of wins) to try and identify these two hotels but their identities still elude me. :) Please help! Hotwire Dates of stay 7/08-7/13 for 5 nights one adult 3 * Disneyland South Free Breakfast Fitness Pool Business center Laundry High Speed Internet Kitchenette $92 a night next puzzler: 3* Hotel Disney North Suite Free Breakfast Fitness Pool Laundry $95 a night
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