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  1. Amenities in the EXACT order they appear: smoke free rooms, complimentary breakfast, fitness center, pool, business center, high-speed internet access Thank you!! Editing to add... Looking waaaaaay ahead for 5/24/10 to 5/30/10 price offered is $57 per night, 2 rooms with 4 adults, 4 kiddos
  2. Amenities: Suite, Comp breakfast, fitness center, pool, business center, internet, kitchenette NO LAUNDRY ICON put in for 2 adults/ 0 children when changed to 2 adults/2 children a different 3* popped up for $64 per night purchased 2 adults/0 children for: $59 + 14.54 tax= $73.54 Staybridge Suites Princeton, Holiday Inn 4375 US Route 1 South Princeton, NJ 08543 609-951-0009 Stayed there last visit and they also provide free snacks and some frozen dinner stuff. Two rooms with a full kitchen. Kat
  3. Sheraton Annapolis 173 Jennifer Road Annapolis, Maryland 21401 (410) 266-3131 Ammenities: Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby 1 room(s) @ $64.00 per night x 3 night(s)= $192.00 Taxes recovery charges and fees $29.33 Hotel Total: $221.33 Forgot to post this originally, was purchased on 4/3/07
  4. Premier Hotel Princeton 4355 Route 1 at Ridge Road Princeton, NJ 08540 609-452-2400 Amenities: In order from left to right Fitness center, pool, restaurant, laundry facilities 1 room @ $58.oo per night x 2 nights= $116.00 plus taxes, charges, fees $21.43= $137.43 total Both Expedia and Orbitz have this one as a 3* Was going to pick the 3.5* which is the Hyatt Regency coming up $72 but thought we would try a different one. Tried the Courtyard last time, so this will be another one to add to the list!
  5. Ammenity: Restaurant No others listed Checked Expedia for same dates $324-$349 per night Historic Inns of Annapolis 58 State Circle Annapolis, Maryland21401 (410) 263-2641 $69 x 2 nights= $138 Taxes charges fees $23.28 Total $161.28 Note this option was NOT available when I entered in 2 adults. It came up when I entered in 2 adults and 2 children.
  6. Courtyard by Marriott in Princeton, NJ address: US Route 1 at Mapleton Road ammenities in order from left to right: Fitness Center, pool, Restaurant(s), High-speed Internet Access $59.00 room + $14.37 tax=$73.37
  7. Features given: Rest, pool, fitness center, high speed internet access, tennis nearby, business center Checked Expedia for the same nights $255 per night, averaging $197 Dropping son off at college, so this was stressing me to make sure we stayed close and not spend a small fortune!!
  8. Needed to be at Harvard for interview for son on Sunday 4/25. Driving up from NC on saturday, so needed 4/24-4/26. Ammenities were restaurant, pool, fitness center, business center, and laundry facilities. Was marked a best value. Was NOT there when I had checked earlier in the week and even this morning. checked it once and it was $42 and double-checked my dates and it went down to $40 in the proces of less than 2 minutes. One I had seen earlier a 3.5* was now gone. Weird but cool for us!
  9. No, did not hear any noise....car or plane. Was very quiet. Could watch all the planes coming in though when in a room with a harbor view, kids thought it was very cool!!
  10. Back from same trip. Hotel was very, very nice. Far exceeded expectations of a 3*. Garage parking (had a $10 per day parking fee but waived it for us). Cylindrical (round) hotel so rooms were triangular. All cherry wood furniture with armoire, large screen tv, tub/shower, vanity and GORGEOUS harbor views. We were 2 blocks from Anthony's Fish Grotto, Phillipa's Pizza Grotto (Little Italy) and historic downtown. Again very, very nice. We ended up not using the shuttle, but it did go to all area attractions and beaches. Restaurant inside terrific, nice staff..extremely helpful. Bumped us to upgraded room, great views.....no extra cost, just the $37 per night. Checked when we got back and for the July 3-7 weekend rate is well over $170 per night on hotwire. Wanted to go back then (we got seaworld annual passes) but will instead stay in Irvine and just make the trek from there, much, much cheaper on that given weekend.
  11. Back from our trip. Hotel was located in the Korean Business district (sign said so out front on Garden Grove Blvd). Same block was "Little Saigon", different sign, same area. All surrounding stores, gas stations and banks had signs in Korean/Asian and spoke little to no English. We drove around to 4 different banks to use an ATM and NOT one was to be found. This was also true of the hotel. Amenities INSIDE hotel were very nice except for the proliferating fish sauce smell. After four days there though we became used to it. Outside the hotel was nasty parking lots and a garbage dumping area, an empty used car lot collecting more garbage......overall NASTY. Sooooo, we spent all our time at Disneyland and when the park closed early (8pm) we stayed at Downtown Disney since the hotel area was so gross. Like I said, if we kept the drapes closed and did not venture out of the room it was nice but that's it. Rated a 3* by Hotwire...my response is no one from Hotwire has been there. I have contacted Hotwire and they will be following up with this. Hope this helps.
  12. Was listed as a 2.5* but when I checked Expedia and Orbitz and AAA all had it as a 3*. Was listed with them for $109 per night and at the Holiday Inn website, $107.07. It is the Holiday Inn San Diego- Harbor View at 1617 First Avenue, San Diego, CA (619) 239-9600. Price was $37 per night, tax $18.95 for a total of $129.95. Amenities: Restaurant, pool(s), fitness center, laundry facilities Booked this on 6/2/03, Monday. At first we were going to book a 3* in Del Mar for $55 per night for 2 nights but when I added another night (what the heck!) the 2.5* appeared, when it wasn't originally there......so for $1 (Del Mar hotel total $128.95) more we added another night and are staying closer to where we originally wanted to...the Zoo, beaches, harbor, Sea World for an additional night for $1!!!
  13. This one was under the Anaheim/Orange County listing. The specific area being Garden Grove- Cypress. The hotel is the Ramada Plaza Hotel Anaheim area, 10022 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden grove, CA, 714-534-1818. We booked for 4 nights at $33 per night, tax $24.95 for a total of $156.95. Amenities: Restaurant, pool(s), fitness center, complimentary breakfast, business center, laundry facilities Looked up the web site and spoke with hotel already and there is a shuttle to the area's amusement centers. Disneyland shuttle runs every hour on the hour while park is open everyday. Parking is free at the hotel, no energy surcharge.....the breakfast is continental but is served in the restaurant as a buffet with many choices....not really continental Expedia.com has it listed as a 3* as well and without breakfast, the internet and manger's special is $63.96 per night but with breakfast is $121.00 per night. I booked this on 5/31/03, Saturday. Will post our next 3 nights lodging in San Diego.
  14. Amenities List- airport shuttle, restaurant, pool, fitness center, business center, golf nearby, tennis nearby Parking was supposed to be $10 per day but they waived that for us. It was also on the main street which leads into newport beach. Was really close to the beach. They did bump our room to the 12th floor which is the Club Regency floor, really, really nice. Was a beautiful room, a great hotel. I booked our room for our family and the same weekend I booked rooms for my daughter's diving team in Long Beach. I will also post that as well. Needless to say our rooms for less were much, much nicer than theirs and we ended up being closer to the beach. Also there was a Soup Plantation right next to the hotel. Fitness center was a brand new multi-million $ center, incredible. Had individual tv screens on each treadmill and exercise machine. Not huge but great. We were incredibly pleased with our stay, could not have been nicer.
  15. What other sites did you use for the price guarantee? We live in vegas and would love to stay at least one night at the Venetian for such a great rate. Thank you!!!
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