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  1. Room CAD90.09 (CAD90.09 per night x 1 night x 1 room) Mandatory hotel fee CAD0.61 Taxes & feesCAD23.01 Trip total (CAD)CAD113.71 Rate in USD: $70 I used your link! your "reveal your hotel" option correctly guessed the hotel
  2. Seems like new hotel and city and country for your hotel list! Denmark - Copenhagen - City Center - Tivoli - Central Station Area Price summary Room: CAD131.15 (CAD131.15 per night x 1 night x 1 room) Taxes & fees CAD45.78 Trip total (CAD)CAD176.93 Trip total per night (CAD)CAD176.93 All other sources for this hotel (including the hotel's own site start at around $250 for that night, however Hotwire has the same hotel for around $20 more only. Hotwire now displays the opaque hotel next to the "regular" hotel in a way that makes it super easy to predict what the opaque hotel is, as the TripAdvisor ratings look identifcal. The price difference seems to always be small, however other sites may not have that low price. I used your reference HOTWIRE link! alas, today no $10 coupon Amenities: Free internet Business center Golf nearby Pet friendly\ Smoke-free rooms
  3. CAD357.94 (CAD178.97 per night x 2 nights x 1 room) Coupon appliedCAD13.66 Taxes & feesCAD74.34 Promo code-CAD10.00 Trip total (CAD)CAD418.62 Trip total per night (CAD)CAD209.31 Amenities: Free internet Amenities Fitness center Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Retail price is around CAD 254
  4. amounts in CAD: Room price:C$151.00 avg./night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:3 nights Room subtotal:C$453.00 Taxes & fees:C$119.58 Total charged today:C$572.58 Total charged:C$572.58 thank you! used your site to guess the hotel, used your linked to open the PRICELINE EXPRESS website to make the reservation. Amenities reported were a bit different than in your listing: Free Internet Bed Choice Airport Shuttle Non Smoking Restaurant Best rate directly from hotel: $642
  5. Room subtotal:C$342.00 Taxes & fees:C$101.10 Total charged today:C$443.10 I used the PRICELINE link from the hotel list to book. I believe hotel does not currently show on your Priceline hotel lists as an option (only the Hyatt) same booking through Expedia is CAD$758 !
  6. I did use your link to make the booking... I thought I put that on my original posting., odd.
  7. Amenities: Free Internet, Smoke-free rooms, Restaurant(s), Spa services I don't see any accessible amenities 3 x CAD$ 61 + CAD51.57 Trip total (CAD)CAD233.93 Exepdia / booking.com show this booking for the same price, more or less, hence Hotwire does not really provide any discount. the reviews are very good, so I'm good with this - but yet another evidence HOTWIRE is losing its edge.... Hotel San Crane
  8. Rate: £71.34 Tax recovery charges + fees £15.37 Total (GBP) £86.71 Amenities Free Internet Pet friendly Boutique hotel Indoor pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Spa services Cheapest rate on Trivago for this hotel: 128+17=145
  9. Typically hotels have either free internet everywhere or just free in the public spaces - that's what made me concerned the phrasing implies no free internet in the rooms. I am aware this information is provided by the hotel, but in the past I had experience where very similar differences existed, and Priceline customer service refused to take any responsibility for the discrepancy or offer any resolution. Last year I booked with Priceline a hotel that said "free internet" but upon arrival realized the free internet did not work, and the only way to actually connect to the internet is pay for (pricey) paid internet. Hence my comment to what I perceive of the on-going and gradual deterioration I have been experiencing in recent years in the quality of the Priceline product and customer service.
  10. Room price: $109.00/night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 3 nights Room subtotal: $327.00 Taxes & fees: $76.23 Total charged today: $403.23 cheapest hotel rate: $507 Amenities on Express page: Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center Amenities after booking include Free internet - in public areas!! PRICELINE continues its descent... yet again inaccurate amenities. I used your PRICELINE link to book!
  11. Was actually hoping to not get the Sierra, based on not having "children activities" on the list of amenities... Amenities on winning page: Free parking Free Internet Casino Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Golf nearby Tennis nearby Spa services
  12. Currently showing amenities: Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility: Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower
  13. Set of amenities is a little bit different from the options in the hotel guide: Business center Fitness center Indoor pool(s) Pet friendly Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Self-service laundry Smoke-free rooms
  14. Room price: £36.00/night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 3 nights Room subtotal: £108.00 Taxes & fees: £20.25 Total charged today: £128.25 Came with the following amenities: Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Fitness Center This hotel is not currently in your hotel list for Berlin! Cheapest published rate for hotel is $82 x 3 + $31 --> US$277
  15. Amenities displayed on Express Deal page: Free Internet Restaurant Amenities displayed after booking was confirmed Free Internet Restaurant Non-Smoking Handicap Accessible I managed to predict what the hotel will be by using Better Bidding's priceline hotel list! cheapest rate for this hotel elsewhere (by Trivago.com): $127 (3*127 + 38 = $420) paid through priceline: 3 * 94 + 46 tax - 14 code = $314 - so a saving of US$100 !