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  1. Hot.wire Hot Rate deal, not true bid. I had been hoping to be in downtown aspen based on 3 star rating had figured this was the Molly Gibson Lodge, It wasn't. Thats ok, this is nice too, its at the base of The Buttermilk Ski Area ( home of XGAMES) and its very close to my sisters house, so that's a plus. The key amenities hint i missed was SLOPESIDE. A few others can also claim this and often do when they are a bit away from the lift area, but loss. Bus to town is right out front and free. I hope this information helps others as this site helps us now and then!
  2. Just won Holiday Inn Express single night pre cruise stay for $137. Heres how: Bid for 3 stars first, thats what i really wanted. Bid $107 East Beach Zone, rebid adding Tx City Industry $117, rebid adding Alvin $127, rebid adding TX City $137, rebid adding LaMarque $147, Rebid adding Offats Bay $153, Rebid adding West Beach Zone $155. Move on to 2.5 stars, First bid, East Beach $125, rebid with winning West Beach Zone added at $137! Not as great a deal as I would wish for, but its a busy cruise weekend in Galveston with 4 ships in port. Best of luck to you all, IrelandVegas. See you on
  3. Hello, I plan to bid for Galveston TX east beach zone. The list here shows Hotel Galvez and Tremont as 3.5 stars. When I check the Zone on various dates, its greyed out, as if there are no 3.5 stars. I also didnt find wins to give me clues on this. I have used and won with better bidding's link to PRICELINE before for the Galvez. Thanks for any help! IrelandVegas
  4. Thanks to all the information here, we now have our pre-cruise night booked at the Radisson Ambassador for $121. We are arriving around 9 on a Saturday night and hope the area provides us a few options for a late dinner. IrelandVegas
  5. I would like to stay under $125. Thats more than our two night post cruise, but i figure it will cost more since thats a Saturday and one night only. We arrive at nine and hope we are in an area where we will have a late dinner opportunity that doesnt involve a major trek. I guess we can always try a 3* also, but ideally id rather be in a 4 or 3.5. Thanks, you guys are great. IrelandVegas
  6. Please see the previous thread and confirm your re-bid zones with the board... if you read the thread above and are confused just post back and we'll break it down further for you. Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases. PS- i haven't looked at rates for your dates yet, but note that there is plenty of time between now and your stay Ok, I may have confused myself. I use the Link for priceline at the top of the page. During the bidding process is when i see that no other zones have 4* in them so i feel safe. Is that the retail information your te
  7. I just failed my pre cruise single night bids for April 2 2011 San Juan. First Bid $100 Four *. Re bid 105 4 & 3.5* at $110. Is PR safe to re bid using 4 and 3.5 stars but adding in more zones? I dont see ANY 4 & 3.5 in the other zones on the priceline map. Id be very sad if we were booked across the island in some freak secret star rated hotel. THanks for the help! IrelandVegas Previous winning bid posted in this threat FYI.
  8. Another win for Better bidding! This is a post cruise Sunday-Tuesday stay. $110 per nite plus some standard fees. Bid 95 the night before on four star, failed. Bid $110/ night four star failed, re bid by adding 3.5 star and won the Sheraton Old San Juan. Used the PRICELINE link on the page each time. Wanted Candado area but didnt want to play the game much longer as this may be a busy time there. Availibility is dropping as monitored with a travel tool from my wifes corporate travel manager. IrelandVegas
  9. Thanks for the good advice. Wasnt planning on those activities for the day of cruise, sorry i wasnt clear. Only thing we may do is OSJ day of cruise but probably not. Our cruise only has one "sea day" so we might just get on asap and spend the day onboard. I have to explore any "points" my wifes work travel has accumulated before we begin the bidding process, so thanks for the offer for future help. Great site, thanks! Irelandvegas
  10. Thereuare, Thanks for taking time to help me with my travel plans. Our Ship will be docked in the Pan Am pier from what I have read. Since our travel is April 10-12 2011, many things are just in the idea stage. Basically three things come to mind for the two day part of our trip: Beaches, Old San Juan (if we didnt before our departure) and the National Rainforest ( tour or rental car i guess) After reading this board and Cruise Critic's San Juan board ( includes MANY kudos for BetterBidding) I think about $125 a night would be fine. I suspect a Resort would be good, but dont know the dif
  11. We will be staying one night April 2nd Saturday 2011 and two nights Sunday April 10th to Tuesday April 12th. ( second post, forgot dates both times!) IrelandVegas
  12. Hello, DW and I will be traveling to San Juan PR for a cruise in April 2011. We are staying overnight one night before and two after our cruise on Royal Carribean. I have been reading as much as I can on here and several other sites. I am looking for advice regarding the two night stay primarily. My guess is the one night before wont matter too much as we arrive late Saturday night. This vacation is our 10th Anniversary, we are shooting for four star/resort maybe a 3.5. One concer is just how many cab rides would a few days add up if we are in the "wrong" area/zone. I think we will to
  13. Here is an interactive map and site that may be of help for Chicago! <link broken> I hope that link works and helps! IrelandVegas
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