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  1. no luck on Priceline but was successful on LastMinuteTravel.com 10/8 - 10/10 Westin St. Francis (4.5*) $140.36 per night 10/10 - 10/13 Hotel Frank (3.5*) $121.42 per night even though we had to split up the hotels, they are actually on the same block. ended up coming just under budget so that is always good.
  2. i have never had as much trouble with PL as I am having for this trip. i'm not getting any love on LMT or HW either. prices are too high and i just won't settle for a 3* hotel for my 1st wedding anniversary. the reviews on TripAdvisor are just not good for 3* this is really bumming me out.
  3. i see a few deals on lastminutetravel.com for 4.5-star hotel in Downtown/Union Square/Nob Hill/S for $100 and $113. any ideas of which hotels these may be?
  4. my husband and live about an hour from NOLA and usually wait until the day or the day before to get a hotel. i've been using priceline for years for these trips. a safe bet would be the Downtown area, choose 3.5 stars and we usually always get the Marriott on Canal Street for $60-$70. there aren't many 3.5 stars in that area i guess but it's a nice hotel and away from the noise off the French Quarter but still close to all the action. just thought i would add my two cents to help. enjoy the city!
  5. i believe myself to be pretty skilled at PRICELINE and have used it for the past 5 years but my husband and I's 1st anniverary trip is proving to be quite a challenge. i've been trying pretty hard for 2 days to get a good deal and so far, i'm up to $138 with no luck. i'm seeing all these winning bids that are much less and am wondering what exactly i'm doing wrong. i've read all the tips and how to re-bid and such but i'm not understanding why other prices are being accepted and not mine. not ready to jump down to 3.5 stars just yet so if anyone has any advice, i'm up for it thank you. this forum is awesome! ---------- k8trainor BR, LA