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  1. I have tried bids up too $16 for the economy, and mid size car. retail prices for these cars are $19-20 according to the the PRICELINE website. Taking 40% off the $20 price is $8. so go figure. Any advice? J
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply The dates I am looking at are: 23rd Oct - 3rd Nov, flying into Nashville - BNA. I am looking at either economy or compact. The email that was sent had wins for $10 & $11 for these classes. It also had a win for $10 for a mid-size car. I tried those prices without luck, then a couple of dollars higher, again without luck. Cheers J
  3. Hi thanks for the move, wasnt sure about which section to put it in. As I said above, is the prices in the email realistic? Cheers J
  4. Just a quick question. I received an email from Priceline on Monday, letting me know about recent successful bids for car rental in Nashville, as I am looking for a car next month. I have tried the amounts that were listed for the different class cars, but always get too low a bid. I have even tried a couple $$ more than those in the email. My question is, is the email Priceline legit winning bids, or what? Having bid at those prices, and being knocked back, just wondering if I might be doing something wrong. Thanks in advance J
  5. thanks for the welcome!! sorry, I should have said, that I was using the priceline site to get the costs for the Hertz car. As I mentioned, having entered the dates, pickup & dropoff, and CDP, and CP codes, it gave me a total cost for $138, I have gone and started the reservation at that cost, then priceline goes to another page and says that the cost is now $158. I know its only $20, but thats $20 I could be spending with. :) Cheers J
  6. hi all I am trying to book a car for an upcoming visit to TN next month. Picking up from Murfreesboro 19th Oct, and dropping off at Nashville Airport 26th Oct, for a total of 7 1/2 days. I am looking atbooking a car with Hertz, using a CDP, and a CP. This gives me a weekly rate of $121, then a total cost of $138 with taxes. When I go to reserve the car, Priceline comes up with a page saying the cost has changed, and it is now $158. Has anyone else come across this issue before? Cheers Jarrad
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