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  1. I've never been overbooked but I did have a situation where the hotel "lost" my reservation. Apparently i wasn't the only one. The front called priceline and got the information about my reservation and 30 minutes later I got my room. Apparently same thing happened for the next guest. This is one way to overbook!!
  2. PRICELINE EXPRESS deals are a different way of purchasing a hotel room. the deals may not be as good as what name your own price can get you but they are binding in that once you agree to the terms and pay for the bid the room is yours at an undisclosed property at the stated region and quality level. think HOTWIRE.
  3. Actually not quite true. Sound transit express 560 and 574 serve the airport's baggage claim (south end) where the 174 and 194 used to stop. st 574 serves federal way and lakewood. Sound transit 560 serves burien bellevue and renton (with peak service to west Seattle). Both routes also serve the stop on international boulevard and 176th st (link light rail. There are other transit choices on international boulevard (156 180 and the "A line" in addition to the 560 and 578.
  4. Just to be fair to the Ramada chain, I won a room in the Seattle area and sure enough the hotel assigned me a smoking room when I wanted a non smoking room. since the hotel had nonsmoking rooms open they switched me accordingly with no surcharge. Each hotel is different.
  5. It would be a deceptive sales practice on priceline if they did not honor the bonus cash appropriately. If you have bonus cash valid for $5 per night and you bid $35 per night with the actual price of $40 per night priceline must honor the bid. Keep in mind prices which you expect to be successful (eg those which have been successful in the past) may not be successful on a particular day.
  6. SEA-TAC Holiday Inn Seatac Airport Bid: $40.00 Taxes and Fees: $13.04 Total: $53.04 This was my only attempted bid.
  7. I stayed at a courtyard in Lloyd District in Portland via Priceline, and it was actually two one night stays (the original win + an extended stay). Apparently, when you bid, the hotel assigns a specific room type up on Priceline. So in my case, for my original stay, I had 1 King, but for my 2nd night, the system had me in 2 Queens, which would have meant I would have had to move. Of course, the clerk changed it so I could keep my King and not move rooms, but in many cases they are stuck with what they have. If they had been sold out of Kings I would have had to leave my stuff at the desk until i could check in later. Also, if you book at the last minute, you may be given a room choice. I stayed at the Marriott in Portland (not a courtyard) and I got a choice between 2Q and 1K. I left it up to the hotel to decide, as I was traveling alone. Case in point, each hotel operates differently (even different brands in the same chain).
  8. And even if you do have your CC info stored, they don't store the 3 digit CVV code on the back of your card, which they need to process reservations. Once you've been accepted or denied, that decision is final for that request. You can bid again under normal rules (e.g. changing zones, lowering star levels, changing dates, or waiting 24 hours) without fear of a previous bid being accepted. If you close your browser before the results screen shows up with your decision, wait a few minutes for an email and that should tell you if you're successful or not.
  9. On September 17, 2010, I bid $90 on Courtyard by Marriott Marina Del Rey, for six nights, with no failed bids. Check-in: October 10, 2010 Check-out: October 16, 2010 Number of Rooms: 1 Price: $90 Room Cost: $540.00 PL Fees + Taxes: $90.72 TOTAL COST (6 nights): $630.72 ($105.12 per night total, or 16.8% taxes and fees)
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