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  1. My bad on the dates, I didn't take the course or use my fingers and toes, March stay Pets Allowed Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center Guest Rating: 8.0 Guest Favorite Are the fees reasonable?
  2. A bit confused here? Express Deal $131 for 3 nights and got The Intercontinenatal Barclay, very happy but Priceline fees are breaking my back!!! Price:avg. per room, per night $131.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 3 Room Subtotal: $393.00 Taxes & Fees: $90.81 Priceline Hotel Coupon: -$39.30 Congratulations! 10% discount successfully applied! Total Charged to Card: $444.51 According to The Intercontinental's web sight they charge 14.75% tax So 3 nights at $131 = $393 minus 10% discount of $39.30 the total room charge is $353.70 14.75% tax would be $52.17 for a total of $405.87 Yet Priceline charged $444.51 charging $38.64 in fees or $38.64 / $353.70 = 10.92% FEES CHARGED What am I missing? or am I being ripped of? Very happy with the hotel, not at all happy with the fees!!
  3. I would try MTE at $137 you may get the "W"
  4. Hard to bid zone, took a couple of weeks of slowly increasing my bids
  5. If it helps The Sebastian - Vail comes up as a resort
  6. The Resort, as expected, greatly exceeded our expectations!!!
  7. The counter offer could not possibly have been for Deerhurst because I did not ever choose or bid in that zone. I started searching "Muskoka" and you will have 7 zones to choose from. Gravenhurst, Ontario ; Bracebridge, Ontario; Muskoka Lakes, Ontario; Ramara, Ontario; Huntsville, Ontario; Oro Medonte, Ontario; and Tay, Ontario. There are only 2 of the zones that have RESORT availability. Muskoka Lakes where the ONLY winning resort bid ever posted on any travel forum is the JW Marriott Resort and Spa. I was 99.99% certain that I would get the JW Marriott Resort and Spa or nothing. The only other Resort that has ever been reported has been Deerhurst. If you want the JW Marriott Resort and Spa DO NOT bid in the Huntsville zone.
  8. I also had a ticket in with Rogers. They said it was a DSN problem on their end. Claimed it was fixed 2 days ago but on and off yesterday. Today solid connection to PRICELINE BUT NO ROGERS EMAIL!!!! Any recommendations for a good ISP in Ottawa? Rogers sucks big time!!!
  9. Wanted the Rosseau for a birthday party and bid last week. Started at $60, like I had a fat chance!! I was counter offered at $101 and being an experienced Priceline bidder I rejected and made bid up to $100. All were rejected. So with 2 bids left I resigned myself to bidding $101 the full counter offer and was REJECTED!!! How can that be? I was countered at $101 and it should have been accepted. I had 1 more bid and was also rejected at $102. Again how can that be?. Extremely unlikely someone else bid and took the last 3 rooms. Is this a new Priceline algorithm that will reject normally accepted bids if the bidder creeps up at $1, $2 or $3 increments? Got $5 Priceline bonus cash and tried again today. Started at the same $60 hoping for the same counter offer and was simply rejected. Went directly to $96 plus $5 bonus cash for $101 and " Your Hotel Deal is in the Bag! Congratulations. We just booked your stay at the The Rosseau, A Jw Marriott Resort & Spa for just US$96 a night. You saved even more with your US$30 Bonus Cash!" We have been there before but not through Priceline and know we are going to have a wonderful time! Curious as to whether others have had bids rejected at the full counter offer price?
  10. The Inn at Essex Junction is now The Essex Resort and Spa 4*. Got a spur of the moment bid of $90 accepted just before our stay 2 rooms 3 nights $90 a night August 2 to 6th The previously and more accurate rate of 3* by PRICELINE is more appropriate than the current 4* rating. To call the property 4* is a joke. When did you ever see a 4* "Resort" with old fashion roll down blinds and cheap sheers!!?? In college our dorm had better window coverings! I won't waste my time with a full review as there are enough on Trip Advisor. In my opinion the only reason for the "Resort" designation is to be able to charge the $12 a day "Resort Fee" which is more appropriately referred to as ADDITIONAL PROFIT! Bottled water is still charged at $3.00 wouldn't that be part of the additional profit resort fee??? Having stayed at the Inn at Essex Junction and now the Essex resort & Spa I can say that the only difference was the 3 chocolates presented at check-in. For our 3 day stay that is $12 a chocolate . . . some Belgium truffles may be worth that but not these:-( Sunday Brunches are fantastic!!! Stay elsewhere eat brunch at Essex Resort and Spa
  11. CAD 89.00 + charges & taxes = CAD 100.57 Directly from the Westin pages. You should get a partial refund and some $$$ as compensation. Usually $50 as you seriously overbid!!
  12. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$65.00 Subtotal: US$130.00 Taxes & Service Fees: US$22.56 Total Charges: US$152.56 Residence Inn Gravenhurst Muskoka Wharf 3 Star 285 Steamship Bay Road Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P 1Z9
  13. You likely will be very disappointed and surprising as it may be this Travel Lodge has "Special 1* Priceline Rooms'. Your room will be in the back wing on the left hand slum side of the hotel. I complained to PL who didn't give a care!
  14. Your Price Was Accepted Congratulations, your price of $85 was accepted by The Sutton Place Hotel-Vancouver. You've saved even more with your $30 Bonus Cash! Offer Price Summary Bonus Cash Per Room, Per Night: more information US$10.00 Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$85.00 Total Offer Price Per Room, Per Night with Bonus: US$95.00 Total Charges to your Credit Card Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$85.00 Subtotal: US$255.00 Taxes & Service Fees: US$56.41 Total Charges: US$311.41
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