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  1. Normal rates just posted on priceline. $189 a night through traditional booking methods. Thats a 75% discount.
  2. One for your list... I bid for this hotel due to seeing what looked like a mistake in Priceline's 'Express Deal' section. In Priceline's express deals they seemed to have this 1 star listed at $52 a night for certain weekends from June, 2013 through July 5-7 (4th as a check in worked too), and then again from July 19-21. I pinned it using Tripadvisor and the ammenities listed on Priceline's Express deals: This Hotel has: Indoor or Outdoor Pool | Free Parking | Restaurant | Fitness Center ..love doing that and being right:) This is really better than a 1 star because it's owned by the Sheraton 4 points next door and if staying at Ocean Park, you have full use of Sheraton's facilities. Anyway..I saw that listing and I thought..hmmmn. I bet I can get it cheaper.. so I bid the following: 1* in Eastham @$45 No go 1* in Eastham (added Chatham- nothing below 2.5*) @47 - Won the Ocean Park Inn Those of you know how expensive it is and hard it is to priceline/hotwire anything on the Cape (all mom and pop hotels) in Summer should appreciate that. Anyway, wanted to stop by and report it for you. Great Reviews and doesn't look anything like a 1*, which is why I bid it: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g41555-d89682-Reviews-Ocean_Park_Inn-Eastham_Cape_Cod_Massachusetts.html
  3. Actually I would say this rate is pretty phenomenal for New York in May, which is very high season. You did extremely well. Congratulations. Good deals are all relative to the city at hand. I am seeing the average nightly rate at this property for your dates are $379 a night.
  4. Enjoy. That Double Tree has a very modern Asian theme and pretty much across the street from the Wang and right next to a T stop. Great location.
  5. That place actually does have Wi-Fi in room. It's an ok little place, very clean with a decent free breakfast. Good spot.
  6. UnknownLegacy - Don't search in the regular PRICELINE listings. Go into the 'name your own price' section. Enter your dates and city. Then when you see the different areas of the city, put a check in the box next to that area. It will highlight or grey out what levels of hotels are available or not. That's how you determine rebid zones.
  7. Not quite. Priceline requires you to either add other zones or change your dates in order to rebid again within 24 hours..but there is a little strategy that we use. Free rebid zones.. There are currently several in Boston. You should learn the strategy prior to bidding. It involves only bidding one area at a time and if your bid is not accepted simply add areas of the city that don't have the level of hotel you are trying to aquire. Then bidd again in the same area without risk or changing dates. You can tell what levels of hotels are available on priceline by highlighting the sections of town prior to bidding. Make a grid, that's what I do. For example: You bid a 4* in the theatre district for $75. Priceline says no. Then you bid a 4* in the theatre district at $80 and add 'Medford' (which has NO 4* hotels listed on Priceline), you bid again. You win a night at the Hyatt in the Theatre district...hoooray for free rebid zones! You can do that over and over until you run out of rebid zones. If you get no bites, log out of priceline and start over with 3.5* hotels. Don't bid the 3.5* in the same session. It will count against you, and you will have to end up waiting 24 hours.
  8. Just wanted to come back and say... I am at the Vistana Villages now, and this is the most beautiful place I have ever stayed in the Orlando area. Palm trees everywhere on this 95 acre property with 4 pools, one with a pirate ship and waterslide. The main pool is huge, has a couple waterfalls, two hot tubs and is open until 1AM. Activities all day. Walking paths, grills, hammocks, tiki torches, multiple gyms, game rooms, Free Wi-Fi, No resort fees..etc. The ambiance of this place is just sprawling tropical brilliance set to music (all pool areas play music)! I am absolutely, 100% going to try for this place again. I don't see many that can compare..and if they can, you are paying a lot more. Best HOTWIRE win ever!!!!! I suggest everyone stay here and book through thereuare's HOTWIRE link. One tip - Don't pick up the 'free welcome gift' or go to the 'free breakfast', unless you don't mind checking out the Sheraton time share stuff. Beyond that they haven't bothered us at all.
  9. Not to butt in..but this is most likely the Vistana Villages. I won that hotel from 2/21-2/27 (you can take a look at my post and mock up my dates on hotwire and compare to view the icons), and it did not list the non-smoking icon at the time, but that has been added it appears. For my dates, the $79 rate still comes up with that additional icon. Good Luck, it seems like a wonderful place. I am getting excited at this point.
  10. Also, Vistana Villages is listed as a 4* on HOTWIRE, not 3.5
  11. Hello, I used your HOTWIRE link to win the Sheraton Vistana Village. Please note the change in Amenities. Kitchenette has replaced Full-Kitchen and Condo has been added to the last report for November. Thanks again for a great deal. I never use HOTWIRE these days due to better deals on PRICELINE, but I needed a condo. The rate everywhere during my dates was $153 per night. I paid $79 per night. Hilton Grand Vacations only has studios listed through hotwire and Vistana Villages was my second choice. Hope I made a good decision. I am very happy. Listed as a 4 star Amenities: Resort 1-Bedroom Suite Free Parking Air Conditioning In-Room Laundry Children's Activity Program Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center 24-hour Front Desk Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Kitchenette Condo
  12. Ahh.. this now lists Kitchenette, not full Kitchen as in previous reports. I think the pinned list needs to be updated. I am considering booking this hotel. I am glad I read this:)
  13. Have you tried extending your stay with the PRICELINE link for your other Hyatt Regency win?
  14. Hi, I haven't been here in a while, but I thought I would stop by to help some others. A friend of mine called and told me she got this hotel for $60, so I went and bid for the same one for First Night. I bid Copley at 3.5* at $50 = no go added South Boston and bid $55 = nope added Medford and bid $58 - bingo! I got the Boston Park Plaza on New Years Eve for $58 for the night. That is the best I have ever done for Boston pricewise!! Hope that helps some folks.
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