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  1. Love the new feature! It worked. I just made my first Hotwire HotDeal booking and got Park City London for 6 nights @$700 (with the 10% discount). Thank you so much! Sorry about your football team .Have a great weekend.
  2. THanks for explanation thereuare. I am seeing The ParkCity London for $155 for entire stay or could be 1 of 3 in the HotDeal for $122. Was it in the HotDeal where you saw it for $122/night?
  3. No deal. Do I try again later increasing my budget? I've never used Hotwire, but given there is 4* for $119, does that indicate i won't get it for much less? As always, thanks for your help and have a good day.
  4. I can split up the entire stay (Tues 12/10- Mon 12/16) in any combination. Mercure looks good, so i guess that can be my fallback if bidding isn't successful. I would like to lower my bid to be $100 Thanks again.
  5. Looking for help on NYOP Priceline. Zones The City, Westminster, Kensington, Mayfair. Budget is $125. Happy to break up my week stay (12/10-12/16). THanks.
  6. My bids did not work. I could expand my budget to $160/night? Please provide bid strategy. Thanks!
  7. Ah, i had used the Retail side. I've re-done it using 'bidding' side and now see 9 zones that enable me the free rebids. I will try now. Thanks
  8. Thanks! You mentioned 8 free rebid zones for NYC. I'm looking in London (not NYC) and only see 5 re-bid zones when i looked on priceline for 4* London. 1. Clapham. 2. Finchley, 3. NW London Harrow, 4. S London Sutton and 5. Southall. Do you agree with my listing? Thanks.
  9. Hi, Wondering if you can help me with bidding please. I am looking for 4* for 2 nights, June 8 and June 9, 2016. My budget it $125. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the detailed instructions. That worked! I just won Park Plaza Riverbank for $125/night. Thanks!
  11. I just tried to look up my zones in Priceline. I only found 1 free re-bid zone, E. London as it does not have any 4*. Here's the list of zones with 4*. I also selected the individual zones (without 4* selected) and got the same : Financial District - Downtown(16) Bloomsbury - Marylebone - Soho(69) Westminster(16) Kensington - Knightsbridge - Chelsea(51) Regents Park - Maida Vale(6) Paddington - Bayswater - Notting Hill(31) Hammersmith(9) London Bridge - Southwark - Vauxhall(13) Docklands(19) Finsbury(12) East London(0) What am I doing wrong as I couldn't find the 3 free re-bid zones. As always, thanks very much.
  12. Hi, Last minute trip to London and will be looking for a stay on weekend of 12/11/15 (2 nights). Preferred zones are Mayfair/Soho and Westminster. Budget is $150/night. Not sure if it's realistic but can you please suggest a bidding strategy? Thanks!
  13. Unfortunately, I did not win the bid (and instead of $140, went to $150). Thanks for your help.
  14. As high as $140. Otherwise, I'll just book online. Thanks
  15. i have only a few opportunities tonight - maybe 3, 4 tops. Are you aware of other 3* hotels that for Priceline? Thanks for the edit and help.
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