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  1. I ended up getting a room. Not too much of a savings. Probably would have made more sense, at that price point, to check PRICELINE EXPRESS and see, as the quoted savings was 13%. Not thrilled but, it is what it is......
  2. As an update: I have bid up to $115, and have not been successful. I will hopefully get this wrapped up in the next day or so.
  3. Hi. I can't believe it's really been 2+ weeks since I originally posted this. Anyway, I will create a separate thread for my 5/24 stay. Regarding my original post for 5/15, i'm willing to widen my range and include a 3.5 star hotel. i also want to include area 5 (el segundo) in my zones. I want my max bid, not including fees, to be $100. I don't know Los Angeles well enough to know what other areas I could target that would be an easier trip to and from the airport. i have experienced LA traffic so, I'm leery of having to travel far from LAX. i'll see if i can identify any other area(s) that would may make sense to include in my bid areas.
  4. I'm going to be traveling in and out of the country, and staying in LA for a couple of nights (May 15 and May 24). I'm going to have a car both times so, though I would prefer something close to the airport, it doesn't have to be right by it. I did some brief looking at what people have got for the Airport Westin, which looks like it may be possible to get for the upper $70 range. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations/suggestions for where to stay, or where to avoid? So, in summary: looking for 4 star hotel LAX (area 9), LAX east (area 10) and Culver City (area 3) May 15 and May 24 looking to pay $70-$90/night
  5. I'll have to remember to refer to your post the next time I bid and win, so I can report properly. I'll definitely enjoy. The Westin is definitely one of my preferred places. Thanks again. .
  6. I appreciate both of your feedback, and the time you took to do some looking on my behalf. I did end up taking the 4* downtown hotel deal for $8 more. So, I paid $106. Extremely happy. As you suspected, this was for The Westin. I do enjoy Westin hotels so, I'm happy with this. I'm hesitant to clicking on "add reply and report a win" since I didn't acquire this room via straight up bid. Please advise on how you want the final entry logged. And again, thanks for your help.
  7. Update: have bid in two dollar increments, all declined. Last bid was at $98. Currently, HOTWIRE is showing a 4 star hotel at $107/night for a 4 star hotel, downtown Denver (central area). Contemplating taking that. Then again, that price doesn't include fees so, maybe I should bid up to $108 on PRICELINE, and see where I end up. Can you help ID the hotel or do I need to post in the HOTWIRE thread on here?
  8. Currently bidding for a 4 star hotel in Downtown Denver. Originally started at $72, and have increased in $2 increments. For some of my bids in the 70s, I encountered something that I never have encountered before. A screen where you have to wait up to 15 minutes and then click to get the result of your bid? I got that for my bids at $76 and $78. When I got to $80 I got the option for their "oh that was so close" and "special" pricing. Declined that and rebid again. Last bid at $84 was declined.
  9. Hello, This was not a PRICELINE EXPRESS or HOTWIRE. It was name your own price. And it was actually the Bay Harbor hotel, and not the Staybridge.
  10. Hello, Looking at potentially going to Vegas 9/21-9/23. I was looking to avoid getting the Trump, which rules out name your own price. I thought reading through other 5* north strip threads that someone mentioned a telltale sign that would identify a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal as the Trump. Currently, I see two deals on PRICELINE EXPRESS: $95/night and $171 a night. Huge discrepancy between the two, which would lead me to believe that the lower of the two would be the Trump. However, I also have seen the Venetian labeled as a 5*. I thought that the Palazzo was 5* and Venetian was slightly beneath, but I could be wrong. Tried to use the hotel checker list but it loads with a 404 error screen.
  11. I got a room. Radisson Blu. $144 a night. It was funny because they offered me some "specials" at 4 star hotels, at a "discounted" price of $180, when I bid at $140.
  12. i would be willing to go up to $140 so, that range would be acceptable to me. There is too much range for the 4 star hotels. There are some nice ones, like the Westin, but also some other ones, like the Hyatt, that feel like salt in the wound, knowing that I could have potentially got a Westin for the same money.
  13. man, you are THOROUGH. i did go back and entered in what i got for the trip in tampa.
  14. note. I ended up paying $81 for a 3.5 star hotel. it was a staybridge suites hotel. very nice.
  15. Currently bidding on a 4.5 star hotel. Downtown Minneapolis. Started at $82, upbid in $2 increments. Currently at $108. Not sure if there is anything going on right now in the Twin Cities for this weekend. Will keep you all posted.
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