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  1. Free internet, Pet friendly, Boutique hotel, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant, Business Center, Internet access 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  2. We needed 3 rooms for double occupancy so we booked via HOTWIRE Amenities: Pet friendly, Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Children's activities Accessibility: Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower
  3. Hi All We are looking for a week long beach destination (preferably not mexico/hopefully Jamaica or Costa Rica) from Calgary - We can travel anywhere from Jan 1 -15 but MUST be back by Jan 15. Do you know any deals or ideal places or suggestions? In total we will have 4 couples travelling, and we would prefer direct flights or flights that don't stop in the US. Should I be looking at package deals or travel and hotel separately? Any help would be great!!
  4. Oh we absolutely don't mind the Loop area as well. We are searching for 2 or 3 as we don't mind having to share a Queen bed and a couch if we have to... girls trip and all :P
  5. Also, just to confirm, the hotwire amentities were as shown: Resort Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Spa Services Accessible for the blind Free Parking Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower
  6. We don't mind splitting the stay... we are more just concerned about being south as a lot of feedback is that the south side is sketchy and being 3 petite girls... we don't want to put ourselves there - that is unless you think that its not as sketch as i think it might be... lol Thanks again for quick responses
  7. We'd prefer to pay anywhere between $250-300 and we won't be driving, so being close and convenient to the subway is a must for walking... I see on hotwire a 4* hotel for @$246 in the Magnificent Mile North - Water Tower area with the following amenities: Boutique Hotel, Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Centre, Restaurants, Business Centre, High Speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Accessible for the blind, Accessible for the deaf, Accessible path of travel, in-room accessibility, accessible bathroom, roll-in shower Any thoughts?
  8. 2Travelling... I'll be heading in Jun 10-14 and I believe there are 3 Tigers vs Cubs games that are available... do you have tix for 3 ppl on either the Tue Jun 12 or Wed Jun 13 games? Please PM me if you have any. Thanks!!
  9. Hi All, Im heading to Chicago for the first time this upcoming Sunday, and realized that I booked my flights, but haven't booked my hotel. We'd prefer to stay downtown or Magnificent Mile and MUST to be close to the metro line. Everything is outrageously expensive, we can't find anything 3.5* and up for less than $300 unless its outside of downtown and off the metro. Please help and advise!! Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi Guys, Just wanted to confirm that after using your link for HOTWIRE, I booked the 4* Riverrock Resort from Fri Jun29 - Mon Jul2 for $88/night. I have booked previously on a different occasion last year and enjoyed the rooms provided so I was looking for the deal again!!
  11. Just successfully booked the 4* Hotel Nikko for $220/night on Priceline with the link on BB. I was aiming for the omni at first in the Embarcadero area, but decided that Union Square was still in the vicinity of where I wanted to be. Hotel Nikko is #34 on the SF tripadvisor. Very happy with the result as after repeated bidding in Embarcadero, it was suggested that I was offered something at $261 but I gave it up to re-try on my own at $215 and $220 if that makes any sense. Thanks again!!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions guys, we ended up waiting until we got there, and then went to Costco and picked up Luau Tix for the Grand Wailea Luau and it was incredible. The regular price was $100 each adult but we ended up paying only $75 (I found out about this deal on a Tripadvisor suggestion) They had a great show with the 3-time Fire Throwing World Champion there and the food was really good too. They also had a Cirque type performance withing the show so that was a nice highlight. The drinks were really yummy and the staff would keep topping us up with whatever we had as it was an unlimited open-bar!! The venue was really nice with the beautiful sunset and beach view. Nothing more I could ask for. Thanks a lot!! Jem
  13. Aloha Everyone, Obviously, I must have missed all the messages on the forum, and I need to adjust the settings to send me updates on my email :-P In any case, I came on here to let everyone get an update on my stay and what I thought of the Priceline deal. Pixieray: I'm sorry if I missed your messages!! I actually never called them, I just emailed the guest services and they emailed me back so that was what I used as my receipt of confirmation when I got to the hotel. So we had a fabulous time in Maui and the hotel was in a great location away from the hustle and bustle of Whalers Village, but close enough that it was a nice 15 minute stroll over (or 2 minute free trolley ride) At check-in, I did encounter a bit of a hassle with the one front desk gal - not sure if it was just the time we got in to check-in was a tad later (9:30pm by the time we finished up with the rental car pick up and also the costco stop) but she said that the room available to me would be for the cottage area and that was that. She said if I had wanted a tower room, then I would have to pay an additional $50 more per night. I was definitely not up for that so I asked to kindly speak with a manager. I pulled out the email, and also indicated that the price paid was for a 3 1/2* rated room, and not a cottage suite. He read over the email, and because it did not indicate that it was only a request or a notation on my file, but that the email agent had said he would make sure I was placed in an ocean-view tower room (without upgrading costs), he had nothing he could say and he changed the room over. This did take us an additional 45 mins worth of discussion, but it made my stay much more comfortable. I didn't end up seeing a cottage suite at all, so I'm not sure what it would have been like, but I ended up on the 9th floor of an ocean-view room and we had a great view and it was all nicely reno'd - It looks like one of the rooms they take a picture of for their hotel portfolio. The pools are nice, and the grounds are decent considering you never have to pay any additional resort costs. They don't have a whole bunch of kids running around either, so if you want it a bit quieter, we found that it was less crowded than the other grounds we visited. The only thing we thought they could use was availability of some beach chairs to use on the beach, and not restrict the use of them just for the pool area, and also that they had no umbrellas or cabanas for a bit of shade during peak sun times. The grounds had a lot of grassy areas and some trees and hedges and this part of kaanapali beach is really nice as its not full of kids like closer to the Whalers village area. The food in the hotel restaurant was really good and not as expensive as I expected. They also have a cute little ice cream shop that you can grab some snacks at too. The shops in the little (VERY SMALL) shopping area were on the older side, with no charm or non-existent as a couple vacant stores were there. We liked the Front Street area in Lahaina better for that kind of stuff. This is as much as I can think of at the moment and if there are questions, let me know and I'll try to come on and answer them asap. Jem
  14. So I'm heading down to Maui in April... Hotel is booked, Car rented... now for the entertainment!! This is the first trip to any of Hawaii for me so everyone keeps telling me to go to a luau... but which one??? One friend even says "I'm not sure which one I went to but it was boring... if you want to have fun make sure you book one with fire!!" So which one should I go to? I think I'd prefer one with fire too but I also want good food and drinks...I'm staying on the west end, but as I said, we'll have a car so I can get to it as long as I know which one! I see the tripadvisors out there, but most don't tell me about if the show included the excitement of the fire shows. Thanks in advance.
  15. I called the Lahaina and have confirmed the booking with them now in the towers - they seem to be accommodating the request as they wrote back in an email. I'll definitely update everyone once I stay and I'll do a review for everyone here after too!
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