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  1. My previous trip to Bellevue ended up being cancelled due to some unpleasant last minute changes :)
  2. hello, First time trying to get car rental on Priceline. Looking to rent a car at SFO from Sept 15 to 19 for 4 days. Having read the forums and was just wondering if bidding last minute (1-2 days before) vs earlier (like now)- which method would be higher chance to get a lower price? (I don't mind taking the risk of booking a bit later, if it's going to yield a better price coz we're booking for 4 days total. I can't imagine car rental from a large center like SFO would be easily sold out during a "low season" weekday stretch after the summer holidays - there are so many companies there.)
  3. Thank you for the help! Looks like in this case.. the Bellevue-Redmond zone would only have one 4 star hotel then (possibly the Hyatt as stated). That would be perfect for me trying to get a room at the hyatt! Thank you for the help!
  4. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the help this board has given me.. I am trying to book a room at the Bellevue (Washington) area for next weekend and have my eye on the Hyatt Bellevue. Looking at past post this was designated a 3 star but I have read also this is considered a 4 star as well? (Also, going into PL shows that the Bellvue-Redmond area does have 4 star hotel that is available to pick from as one of the option) I am just wondering is there anyway to find out what the Hyatt Bellevue is currently considered as by PL? Thanks in advance, Henrik
  5. Yes.. sorry for the confusion.. it is the one as mentioned
  6. This was a tough one.. thought I was getting lucky on my previous bid 3* on Holiday Inn Vancouver at $45... started out with no luck until 66 when I was offered counter-bid of +17.. closed browser and finally got accepted at $70. I am really not sure why the Aug 27 w/e is so popular.. labour day w/e is a week away and there isn't much going on in town. For those looknig for late august stays, I would suggest booking asap as the prices just seem to be going up and up.
  7. $45 Aug 21-23 on first bid. Probably should have started lower but I kinda remember seeing a $60 sucessful bid for the same hotel and thus decided to start "low". Will try to start lower on a different bid later today Was going for 4 stars but gave up after being rejected at $80 and decided to drop to 3 star quality. The holiday inn downtown is not bad at all for a 3 star and from looking at the forum, this time in august, the price has really really went up with 4 star being quite out of my range Anyone else with results from 3 star in vancvouer near the end of august?
  8. First bid $60, got offered counterbid $77, closed browser, added rebid zone and went straight to $68 and got accepted. Might have been able to get it at $65 or so based on recent bids posted on this board if I were to be meticulous with my rebids but I'm a bit pressed for time so just went with a larger leap :-) It's the Canada Day long weekend and i'm quite surprised to have gotten this downtown hotel near all the festivities for such a good price, esp with such short notice! Your Offer Price: $68.00 (US dollars) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $204.00 (US dollars)
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