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  1. I booked this hotel as "on request" (didn't realise until after clicking, I need to look properly next time!). Roughly 12 hours later (note they allow 48 hours to answer you) I noticed my credit card had been charged, and logged into the website to find the status had changed to "confirm". Note I did NOT get an email. I rang customer service to check, and they advised that the room was confirmed and send the confirmation email for me. So if you don't get an email on these check your card and the website. I am so thrilled - and I wouldn't have bid that high if I hadn't known what the hotel was first - the W was totally worth the extra money.
  2. Booked Thursday US time 8/26/10. Normal rate seems to be about $215. Wish I knew about this site before I booked all my other accommodation!
  3. I booked on lastminutetravel.com for our New York hotel in October (read Beav's post for how to know what you're booking) yesterday, being early Friday morning US time. Our hotel was "on request", which takes 48 hours to confirm. As I've seen on other posts a lot of confusion as to whether these on request bookings are even worth attempting, I thought I would post - we had the booking confirmed about 12 hours later, roughly close of business in Florida where Last Minute Travel are based. They did NOT email a confirmation - we noticed the credit card had been charged, logged into the website where it had changed to "confirmed", and rang the company to verify. The consultant promptly sent a confirmation email to us as we hadn't received one. While I wouldn't normally expect a reply before the 48 hours they indicate, we were very impressed and are happily confirmed at the W Times Square for $345 p/night. We had very low hopes and were delighted to be proved wrong, and the excellent customer service didn't hurt.
  4. Thank you so much - this made all the difference for me, and I now have a booking at the W Times Square! I wouldn't have bid on it otherwise, because it's the same price as our backup booking - but because we love the W we were able to decide it was worth it.
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