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  1. Began with lowball bid of $40 for 3* in San Jose (Fremont-Newark) Did not get a warning that it was too low, but bid was not accepted. Rebid at $45 adding the San Jose (Mountain View) zone, which does not have 3* or higher. This bid also failed. Area doesn't have any other free rebid zones.
  2. Bid $44 yesterday and failed. No free rebid zones in this region, all zones have 3.5 or 4* hotels, and I really wanted this zone. Bid $51 today and was accepted. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $51.00 Subtotal: $51.00 Taxes & Fees: $13.88 Total Charges*: $64.88
  3. Spent 3 nights here about 10 days ago, and since it's been 5 years since the hotel was reviewed, I thought I'd share the details of my stay. About the location - this hotel is across the freeway from the main downtown Bellevue area. Since parking in downtown Bellevue is at a premium, it's really more convenient to walk. Unless, of course, it's raining. Which does occasionally happen in the Seattle area. So, other hotels would be more convenient, but it's certainly not a long distance to walk. The hotel does offer a "complimentary shuttle" anywhere within 5 miles - every half-hour one of the desk clerks drives anyone requesting a shuttle around in the hotel van. About the hotel - the overall feeling I got from this hotel was that someone had come through with a checklist of what a 3 to 3.5 star hotel should offer in the way of amenities. The hotel meets these standards in form but misses the mark in spirit. It seems more like a 2-star trying to put on a good act. The exterior is dated and stained, and while the lobby appears to have had a recent (and very stylish) makeover, the lobby/lounge areas are small and unwelcoming. During my stay there were never any other guests spending time in the lobby, a marked difference from most hotels I've stayed in. Part of the problem is that the hotel's wireless doesn't appear to work; during my 3-day stay it functioned for a single 15-minute period. The "bar and grill" serves bar/diner food at higher prices and lower quality than the Denny's next door. They do offer a few higher-priced options, but if I wanted a $25 steak I'd be getting it at a decent restaurant, not here. The complimentary continental breakfast was just OK - danishes, muffins, cereal, coffee and orange/apple juices. They had bagels but no toast or English muffins. No fresh fruit or yogurt. They also offer a hot breakfast. However, the last morning I was there, they didn't have a cook and one of the servers was making the food. This restaurant is really more of a bar, and I did notice some guests congregating there in the evenings to drink, not to dine. There's a nice fireside area and they light the fire in the evenings. About the room - at check-in, Priceline was mentioned, but it seemed to just be the clerk talking to herself under her breath. I was given a double-double room facing the side parking lot. Just outside the door were the ice & vending machines so it was not the quietest room; however I have come to expect that when booking via Priceline - most hotels will give you a "noisy" room near the elevator or vending. The in-room wired internet was slightly faster than dialup. It was so slow I couldn't watch a YouTube clip. The room decor was nice, carpet appeared new, but the room was far too small for the two armchairs and table that were squeezed in by the window. This is probably less of a problem in their king rooms, but the room was seriously cramped. The worst problem in terms of decor was that the closet didn't have a door - that just looked cheap. Both the closet and the sink/counter facing it were very narrow, there wasn't enough room on the counter for all my toiletries. Under the sink was a mini fridge, and the room did have a hairdryer and iron. So again, the hotel checked off all the 3-star amenities, but the room felt shabby and cramped. The worst thing about my stay was the bed. It was like a cube of Jello. I literally could not sit or lie too close to the edge or I would roll off. The entire bed wobbled at the slightest movement. Also, while the linens were nice, I could tell that the bedspread/duvet was dirty. But again, this is something I've come to expect, since hotels seem to rarely wash their bedspreads. In short, if I ever want to stay in Bellevue again, I'll bid a little more to get a 4-star and assure myself of being able to avoid this hotel.
  4. Using the PRICELINE link, I started bid at $70 for 4* only, this zone only. Failed with an offer to rebid at $90. Added Bothell zone (has no 4*) and rebid at 73, also failed. Added Lake Union (has no 4*) and rebid at 76, accepted. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $76.00 Subtotal: $152.00 Taxes & Fees: $30.86 Total Charges*: $182.86 This is a great property, I've stayed here on a non-Priceline rate before.
  5. First bid accepted using PRICELINE link. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $61.00 Subtotal: $61.00 Taxes & Fees: $16.42 Total Charges*: $77.42
  6. Not much has changed since the above review. The "relaxation CD" is advertised on the website but was not in my room. There also was no newspaper at the door. Currently they are doing some painting or varnishing in some of the rooms (I was on the "Concord Wing"). While I was a floor up from where the work was being done, some of the fumes did drift up the elevator. Overall however, it was a very nice property and the rates they offer on Priceline are excellent.
  7. First bid $42 declined, offered rebid at 57, which I did not take. Added "free" Hayward zone and bid $45 for this win. Used the BB PRICELINE link to begin my purchase. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $45.00 Subtotal: $45.00 Taxes & Fees: $12.90 Total Charges*: $57.90
  8. First lowball bid was $55 for 3* in the Seattle-Lake Union zone, got the warning that it would likely be declined and it was. Added Space Needle zone and upped to 57, also declined. Added Pike Place zone and upped to 59, also declined. Added Bellevue zone and upped to 61, which was accepted. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $61.00 Subtotal: $183.00 Taxes & Fees: $35.88 Total Charges*: $218.88 If desired, I can review the place after my stay, I see it hasn't been reviewed here in 5 years and appears to have undergone a complete remodel (and is all nonsmoking now).
  9. In that case I would definitely bid for space needle. If you bid downtown you run the risk of being stuck by the stadium (3.5* Silver Cloud Stadium, 2 miles away) or on First Hill (3* Silver Cloud Broadway, ~1.5 miles). Even the furthest 3* Space Needle (the Marqueen) is closer than those (1 mile). Still, downtown isn't a bad choice, it just wouldn't be my first choice for Belltown proximity. You can always add the downtown zone for an immediate rebid (which you know should be refused based on your previous bids) without taking too much risk.
  10. Depends on what the purpose of your visit is. The downtown area has the benefit of being in the free transit area so you can take streetcars, buses, etc. everywhere within the main downtown area for free. It is closer to Pike Place market (although some hotels in this zone are closer to the convention center or stadium than they are to Pike Place) and the waterfront. However if you are renting a car you can expect to pay $30/day for parking and in some cases more if you want in/out privileges. Also, there is now light rail that goes from the SeaTac airport to the downtown area (so again, you can avoid the car rental and parking). At one time the Space Needle area was less safe, however since the Seattle tech boom the area has more new condo buildings etc. and has undergone a lot of gentrification. Hotels there are more likely to offer free parking, and the restaurants and stores in the area are more affordable (it's more toward a residential area rather than a strictly tourist/high-rise-commercial area). Between $5-10 for a cab from here downtown, or take one of the buses. You might also consider the Lake Union zone, as there is a Lake Union streetcar that connects to downtown. Or it'd be about a $5-10 cab ride. All 3 of these zones are super close, and when I bid for my upcoming trip the 18th-25th, I will probably start with Lake Union and rebid adding the other 2, if my first bid doesn't work.
  11. The way that some hotels are pushing check-in back to 3 or 4pm kind of irks me, as I prefer to check in around noon, so I can freshen up before heading back out for the afternoon. I have no trouble checking out by 10am. It seems like hotels should be able to clean enough rooms between 10 and 12 to accommodate the people who check in early, especially as it seems like it's a small amount of check-ins - in most hotels I've stayed at the 'rush' seems to be around 6pm. Just curious what people's experiences have been with checking in early, I have done it at 2pm with no problem but am wondering how much trouble 12noon would be. I do realize this may vary from hotel to hotel but am just looking for a general idea.
  12. First bid $60 accepted, and upgraded from 3* to 4* Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $60.00 Subtotal: $60.00 Taxes & Fees: $16.70 Total Charges*: $76.70
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