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  1. Yea, I don't have that kind of money though. As said - the Longueil area indicated by Priceline would've been fine otherwise, because Longueil's mass transit system connects to the Montr
  2. No, but I checked the extent to which Longueuil was covered by the public transportation network, established that it was mostly covered (in fact there's a metro stop a few blocks north of the north exit of the tunnel), and decided it would be fine to walk to the hotels that weren't "conveniently covered". As I've told you, there is absolutely no other way to get to the hotel other than by car, i.e. I can't even walk there. This I couldn't foresee without checking the entire grid before bidding. I didn't do so, because what are the odds of a hotel being built on an island that's only accessible through a motorvehicle-only tunnel? I hadn't heard of that before - there's usually other means to get to and from islands within an urban area (bridges, ferries, etc.) as well, all of which I would've been fine with. Anyhow, I'll be bugging taxi drivers to drive me through the tunnel each and every time I have to go to or from the island, just to hop on the metro a few blocks down the street. It's not impossible - it's just inconvenient and something I didn't take into account at all, hence I'm not very happy with the outcome.
  3. The mass transit system reaches there just fine (and this I checked when picking the zones as well) - it's just that the hotel is on an island connected to the main land via a tunnel system only. This means I'll have to get a taxi every time I go to the city, just to get across the tunnel. Highly inconvenient, and this I could not possibly foresee, imho.
  4. I did use your links, right? :) Both Priceline and the hotel sent a reply - the hotel replied that I should take a taxi to get to the hotel, Priceline replied that I signed the contract and they can't do anything for me at all. They did offer me $10 bonus cash, but that is of little consolation at this point - I mean, what are the chances of ending up with a hotel that's within city limits, but simply can't be reached by anything other than by car? I expected a little more consideration from an organization as experienced as theirs, so I won't be using the service again.
  5. Correction: It seems like the hotel can't be reached through public transportation at all.... This is very inconvenient for me! I've contacted both the hotel and PRICELINE and am waiting for their reply.
  6. I started bidding before your last reply, opened up to the idea of staying in Longueuil, and ended up getting the Gouverneur Ile Charron for $58/night from the 30th of August until the 2nd of September. Not the best of deals, but I'm reasonably okay with this.
  7. Ah, I get it. Thank you for that explanation. :) In that case, I'm fine with starting with 2.5*.
  8. Yes, indeed, although I just saw that the quoted average prices were lower for the 3* hotels in these zones, so maybe I'd better try for a 3*? I'm not sure how/if that'd work though. Dates are flexible, so either option is fine by me. Let's start with the 30th of August to the 2nd of September!
  9. Thank you for sharing this, beav! Very helpful! :)
  10. Hello, thank you for your reply. :) I'd like to start with downtown first, then include Longueuil. I think my goal would be 2.5* or better!
  11. Hello :) I'm new to bidding on hotel rooms, but I figured it would be a nice way to be able to upgrade from my usual hostel-accommodation to something a little more comfortable (on a slightly bigger budget). I'm currently planning a 5.5 week post-graduation trip in Canada (I'm from the Netherlands), so any help is greatly appreciated! In this case, I'm looking for a hotel room in Montr
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