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  1. Listed as a "Hot Rate" Hotel. Below is what was listed under hotel details: Complimentary Free breakfast Amenities Business center, Fitness center, Indoor pool(s), Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Self-service laundry, Smoke-free rooms, Suite
  2. Initial bid - $40, rejected Had additional bid if I went up at least $10. Instead, I added the other area (Sandusky-Milan-Norwalk)which did not have a 3*. Bid $45 for 3* and the second bid was accepted. Total paid with taxes = $58.08 Used the link on this site to get to PRICELINE.
  3. Just to update -- we had a beautiful room. We chatted up the front desk clerk (she was very nice and friendly) and she upgraded our room without asking. The lobby is spectacular. The only surprise was the price of valet parking -- $61 before tip for one night. We were thinking $30 - $40. But it was raining and we saved so much on the room, we didn't feel too bad. Next time we will either take the South Shore in from Indiana or do a little more shopping before we park.
  4. Bidding Information: Bid #1 - 4*, River North, $63 - rejected Bid #2 - 4* + 3.5*, River North, $65 - rejected Bid #3 - 4*, Millennium Park/Loop/Grant Park, $57 - rejected Bid #4 - 4*, Millennium Park/Loop/Grant Park + River North, $60 - rejected Bid #5 - 4*, Millennium Park/Loop/Grant Park + River North + Franklin Park, $65 - rejected Bid #6 - 4*+3.5*, Millennium Park/Loop/Grant Park + River North + Franklin Park, $67 - rejected Bid #7 - 4*+3.5*, Millennium Park/Loop/Grant Park + River North + Franklin Park + Hyde Park, $70 - ACCEPTED Total Charges - $70 + $18.33 taxes and charges = $88.33 Cheapest non-refundable rate I was able to find published was $149. I was really hoping for something in River North. But the Loop won't be too bad. Additionally, on my third bid I was hoping that the Hyatt was still available for that bid. But obviously it was not. The biggest complaint I have read about the Palmer House is that they tend to place their Priceline guests in very, very small, closet-like rooms. I don't think that will be an issue for me (I stayed in an extremely small $99 room in the Drake once and I thought that the rade-off in space was worth the price and location -- hopefully I will feel the same way about the Palmer House). Hopefully the bidding information above will be useful to those looking to book a room in downtown Chicago in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for all of the information on this website. I used the PRICELINE link associated with this board.
  5. Bid #1 - $38 for 3* in Saint Charles - rejected Bid #2 - $38 but added 2.5* category - accepted Total Price - $30 + $11.85 taxes and fees = $49.85 The Fairfield Inn in Saint Charles seems to get pretty good reviews. Rack Rate was $89 and other sites were offering rooms for $79. Hotwire was offering a 2.5* in Saint Charles for $51 -- so I am pretty happy with the outcome. I used this site's PRICELINE link.
  6. Bid for $33 accepted. Given that a recent bid for $35 was accepted for the August 14th and $30 was rejected for that day, I thought I would go in the middle. Makes the trip with the kids to COSI affordable. I used the PRICELINE link on this site. Thanks for the information. Very helpful in making this last minute affordable for my family.