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  1. Really wanted to stay at the Courtyard Marriott in Clackamas but best rate available was $79 Bid $42.00 3* Clackamas (rejected) Bid $45.00 2.5* Clackamas ACCEPTED - COURTYARD MARRIOTT !! Bid on 10/20/06 for stay of 10/20 and 10/21 I am not sure but I am guessing there is no 3* in Clackamas and the Courtyard Marriott might be the only 2.5* I am happy with the results. :)
  2. bid on 08/31/06 for 1 nite stay on 09/01/06 started with $50 3* Bellevue (rejected) upped to $60 and ADDED 2.5* still in Bellevue (rejected) stayed at $60, stayed with 2.5* ADDED Bothell (accepted) Country Inn and Suites, Bothell, WA looks decent on their web page and price listed price is $89 so saved a few $
  3. 3* Seattle (Airport) Holiday Inn $38... 01/28/06 This place is directly accross International Blvd from Sea-Tac Airport. Bid on Friday 01/27 for the next nite - Saturday 01/28/06 First Bid 3* Airport Area $38 Accepted. Total cost: $38 + taxes +$9 parking = $59.63. The property was last renovated in 2004. Nice Room. Free Wi-Fi in room. Small Bathroom with a funky short ceiling was only drawback.
  4. First time using Priceline. First post here. Bidding Date: 03/09/05 for a Saturday 03/12/05 stay in Seattle. Bid $50 Seattle (downtown) 3* REJECTED Bid $55 Seattle (downtown) added (lake union) ACCEPTED Got Holiday Inn - 4 blocks from the Space Needle/Seattle Center Holiday Inn Downtown Seattle 211 Dexter Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98109 206-728-8123 Looks like the lowest listed rate on their web page is $85 so not much of a savings.. Hope for my first time I did alright. seems an ok price for the area.