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  1. I just bid using the PRICELINE link and all five free rebids, and no bite. I was bidding for Copley/ Theatre District, and went all the way to $135, and nothing. BOo priceline. Do you know of any additional hotels in 2*copley/theatre aside from John Hancock? I don't see any 2.5* in copley/theatre, but I see the category as an option. Do you know of any 2.5* hotels in the area?
  2. We are traveling to Boston and need hotel help. We would prefer to stay at a 3.5 star hotel, but are aiming to bid no more than $125.00. When we visited the listed hotels the only hotel that has gone up in price according to the hotels' websites is Sheraton Boston. Prices are as follow: Sheraton $258, Boston PP $233, Hilton BB $237, and Marriott $289. It seems like Priceline keeps raising their median price on the bidding page, does this mean the price will not come down. Please help. I don't see any information on 2.5* hotels does anyone have any details? How about 2*, is John Hancock the only 2* hotel. thank you for your help.