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  1. Hi Trying to ID the above hotel - 1 night 31/8, two rooms - total for stay in taxes in £178:00 amenities are :- Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet access Tennis Nearby Accessibility Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Thanks for your help
  2. Might not be the best hotel, but hey for one night, using your site and PRICELINE link - its a steal
  3. Been looking for a few days both on HOT.WIRE and PRICELINE links - spotted this hotel on HOTWIRE around same price - didn't see it in the Scottsdale PRICELINE list, was trying to pull down price of Omin - which was discounted on both sites - happy with win, as it appears the hotel has no inventory for the dates I booked for bog standard rooms, so who knows may even get an upgrade - thanks again
  4. Hi Guys Closing this one off. In the end I went a different route and booked 2 rooms for 5 nights – 8/23 to 8/28 via the Sea World site for the Renaissance Orlando @ Sea World. The package included 14 days unlimited entry to the park and also Busch Gardens and 2 x 6 ( 1 for each park per person) dine all day for free vouchers. Total price was $1677 inc taxes. As we are off to Tampa after thanks to your HOTWIRE link, our Busch Gardens pass was $534, it makes the hotel a good deal at $1143 – with Sea World and dine all day thrown in for free. Thanks once again for your continuing help. John
  5. Hi Guys Any chance helping out with this one. 4* hotel on Hotwire Lake Buena Vista - Downtown Disney, from 8/23 to 8/28 2 rooms 2 adults and 1 child per room - cost $77 per room per night - facilities :- Pool(s), Restaurant(s), High-Speed Internet Access - when you check out using the UK site it shows Resort and Fitness. Thanks J
  6. Thanks for all your help - using the above HOTWIRE links booked Intercontinental at Tampa Airport @ $68 per night + taxes for two rooms from 8/28 to 1/9 via Hotwire - do you want me to add win to Hotwire page?
  7. Agree, getting the same list as you now from your HOTWIRE link. J
  8. Airport North hotel is $170 per night - in addition to above is showing indoor and ourdoor pool as well as spa. As regards Airport South, showing as those below, with a rate of $70 per night. As regards maximum budget, around $100-110. J
  9. Maximum is about $100-110 per room per night. I'm after two rooms. The question re Priceline is that checking back to the hotel list now on this site, both IC and Grand Hyatt appear to be in the same zone, whilst Priceline site has both a Tampa Airport South & West Shore as a zone and Tampa Airport West. As per your other question, yep same trip, just one question as about Pricline other about Hotwire,hence reason I posted ot both pages. J
  10. Hi Trying to shoot for either the Inter Continental or Grand Hyatt both near Tampa airport on Priceline. I think on bidding IC is in Tampa Airport SOuth and Westshore, whilst Grand Hyatt is Tampa Airport West. Any advice? Thanks J
  11. Hi I seem to remember when I stayed here in 2009 and used your site, Hotwire split the airport into 2. Until yesterday I was only seeing Airport South, now getting Airport North for 8/24 through to 8/28. Looking at 4* hotels and have 2 coming up - in South is Free Parking, Airport Shuttle, Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Braille or raised signage Which I guess is the Grand Hyatt - having stayed there before In North is :- Pet friendly, Near Beach, Indoor pool(s), Airport Shuttle, Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center Any ideas on this one? Thanks J
  12. Happy with this hotel for our last night in US before flying back to UK. Hotwire coming in at $350+ for 3* at the moment, so this win on Priceline @ $132 + taxes is a good deal. Price may seen high for JFK, but with US Open on that week, all rates have gone up. :)
  13. used the PRICELINE link for our annual vacation - fishing with dynamite as usual - can't believe more people don't use this - happy with $80+ taxes for two rooms x two nights
  14. Coming up using your HOTWIRE link as a 3*+ hotel, rather than 3*, coming in at $114 + taxes per room per night. Been tracking for a while. Been bidding for a 3* at JFK for over a week, same dates, at costs from $95-$110 been knocked back everytime. Facilities in order, Internet, smoke free, fitness center, restaurants, business cener, high speed internet access and airport shuttle Overall, please as price is about what I paid for 3* at JFK same time last year, which is also when the US Open is on
  15. 4* Denver (Westminster - Broomfield) The Westin Westminster - 1st leg of our US road trip. Happy with this price of $70 per room per night + taxes - hotwire was $83 + taxes - as ever, used your PRICELINE link