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  1. Wasn't expecting to get a yes on my first attempt (tells me I could have gone lower!) but I'm pleased. This is the hotel we always try to stay at when in town. Lowest 3.5 for area on HOTWIRE was $119.
  2. I've been watching for a week or two - needed a simple hotel for an overnight on road trip. Earlier this week, I tried $50 and $52 for both 3.5 and 3 stars with no luck. Express for a 3* was $58, so I knew I was close. Today, PRICELINE EXPRESS for 3* dropped to $53, so I tried 3.5* at $53, no luck. Added 3* and dropped price to $51.
  3. wonderful hotel. Hope to stay there again soon.
  4. This was the expected hotel. We were booking for location only - had to be one of the three walking distance hotels at Schiphol. Curiously, Priceline doesn't have the same geographic zones for Schiphol, so we had to do Hotwire. Anyway, pleased!
  5. Our preferred hotel-didn't seem like it would be available as it's a football weekend- but won on PRICELINE again!
  6. Hi guys, i see a 3.5 star for Miami Beach -Collins Road (the zone we need.) I don't see any 3.5 stars listed. Help. biz center restaurant pool Free internet fitness center no skoking no ratings posted for property? April 14-15, $161. thanks for any insight!
  7. Free Internet Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Spa services I thought it was Sofitel, hoped it was Sofitel, and it WAS Sofitel. Makes up for my Hotwire pooper earlier in this trip. We'll head back to the USA in style!
  8. Did one search that included south Scottsdale (my preferred location) for $51, added Tempe North and $52 in second bid. I was pretty sure this would be the hotel and I was right. We have a rental car; price trumps most other factors!
  9. Sure, Free Parking Internet Access Fitness Center Business Center Airport Shuttle Restaurant
  10. Mother in law wanted this hotel specifically. I realized I could nearly guarantee this because of Better Bidding and HOTWIRE's noting of amenities.
  11. before you take that Hotwire deal, I would at least try $106 on Priceline. You might be able to get a 4* for that price. (I LOVE beating Hotwire!) Good luck!
  12. First attempted for a 4* at this price in the Michigan Ave/ River North area, then 3.5* for same area. Price trumped location this time - although this is still a great location. (overfilled house for the holidays!)
  13. Pretty happy. Tried $39 last week for 3 star. Before this successful bid, tried $41 for 3 1/2 star, but didn't get it.
  14. gratamama

    4* Florida Keys (Key West) Hyatt Regency

    will do. Didn't quite understood what was meant the first time. :)