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  1. Bid made on 11/01. Believe same hotel was on PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals for $127. Started at $100 and counter offered at $131. Bid accepted at $115. Happy with results. Used BB PRICELINE link for bid as always.
  2. First bid at $65. Could have gone lower? Pretty good deal regardless. Room subtotal:$130.00 Taxes & fees:$26.20 Total charged today:$156.20 And yes, used the PRICELINE link.
  3. Saw same property through Express Deal for $106. Bid from $80, and was accepted at $97. Room subtotal:$194.00 Taxes & fees:$30.18 Total charged today:$224.18
  4. First attempt yesterday. Bid $60, $70 and was countered $90 at $75 bid. Accepted at $80. Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel And Spa Bid through BB PRICELINE link.
  5. First attempt today. Didn't think I'd get it under $100, but low-balled it anyway. Bid $75, $85 before being accepted at $95. Seeing that a few others were excepted at $90, probably should have tried that first. Oh well. The Blackstone Renaissance Chicago Hotel 4 nights x $95 + $72.44 taxes = $452.44 total Bid through BB PRICELINE link.
  6. Extremely happy with the rate. Can't believe I got it this low! $95 was the first attempt. Bid through website's PRICELINE link. $285+69.33 taxes/fees = $354.33 total
  7. Bid on Fri, 12/16, for 3* near Universal. First bid at $30, failed. Second bid at $40, accepted. $52.53 including tax/fees. Used website's link to PRICELINE.
  8. Yes, used PRICELINE link on top of the page. Forgot to mention that.
  9. Was bidding a lot of different zones $50-80, just trying to look for something under $80. Bid 4* Downtown-Harbor Island $60-80, $5 increments: rejected. Bid 4* Coronado & Coastal zones $60-80, $5 increments: rejected. Bid 3.5* Del Mar $50-80, $5 increments: rejected. Bid 3* Del Mar $50-80, $5 increments: rejected. Bid 3.5* Mission Valley $50-80, $5 increments: rejected. Bid 3.5* Downtown-Harbor Island up to $73: was counteroffered $88 (probably available for $78-83). Went back to 4* Downtown-Harbor Island $80, $1 increments: accepted at $85, Omni San Diego. Subtotal: $85.00 Taxes and Services Fees: $18.84 Total Charges*: $103.84 $32 valet parking.... will probably park across the street.
  10. New to this forum, but been bidding on PRICELINE for a while. Found this site to be more useful for NYC. Been bidding Times Square and MTE for about a month up to $120-160, including yesterday. Saw a drop in MTE pricing for 4* on HOTWIRE to $185. Decided to bid again today. 8/18/10-8/23/10 1st bid: $130 (MTE,TS), accepted. W Hotel New York Per Night: $130.00 Subtotal: $650.00 Taxes & Fees: $135.30 Total Charges: $785.30 Not too bad considering I was willing to go up to $160. Bid through the PRICELINE link on top of site.
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