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  1. I won this on the first bid so a lower bid may have worked.
  2. Prior unsuccessful attempts included 3* Penn's Grove - Bridgeport, NJ for $55 and; 3* Penn's Grove - Bridgeport, NJ + Elkton, MD for $63
  3. Tried all 4.5* zones first at $125 and won when I added the 4* zone at the same price.
  4. I went as high as $115 on several 4* bids but failed. I was successful on my first bid at 3* and $110.
  5. 3.5* Parsippany-Morristown (Parsippany-Hanover) Embassy Suites $45 ...3/25/11-3/26/11
  6. Tried unsuccessful bid of $100, $100 and $120 at 4* locations. Tried unsuccessful bid of $115 at 3.5* locations. Appears weekday rates are at least 25% higher than weekend.
  7. I first bid $59 as I had seen on this board but got rejected. I then had my wife bid $65 and got accepted at the 3* Peabody Marriott for 6/9-6/11/06
  8. thereuare - thanks for the suggestion for breakfast...we'll probably take it. chown - I got the Radisson Lexington in MTE. I was shooting for 4* MTW but for $135 I'll take this. It appears that spring is a big ramp-up time in prices for NYC hotels.
  9. Started with 4*, MTW, $115, rejected Rebid w/another zone at $125, rejected Rebid w/another zone at $135, rejected Closed browser and came back Rebid again $145, rejected Checked out hotwire...nothing cheaper than $165 for 3 1/2* Back to PL 3*, MTW & MTE, $135, accepted
  10. I signed up for DineOutNY last week. Do they send out the 30/30 or 50/50 deal often? I'm going to be in the city on March 24 and am wondering if I might get to use this offer. Another question. Is it wrong to lie about my b-day to get the discount. I don't plan on being in NY on b-day but what a great deal this is? Will the restaurant check my license to verify b-day? Also, I've heard that dinner reservations in the city should be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Does this sound accurate? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know how often they move the expiration of discounts on the broadwaybox website. Right now it advertises 40% of Movin' Out tickets through March 20. I'm planning to go see the show on March 24 and wondering if they will extend the discount in the next several days or so. Thanks!
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