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  1. Just wanted to say that about a month and a half ago I started using Priceline NYOP to get a rental car in Vegas for 8/26-8/29, and it was working at the time, but I considered the rates too high at that point($131). Then about 3 weeks ago I started getting the same message as you. this continued on until last week when I tried doing NYOP for every week thru January, I still got the same message. I then contacted Priceline corporate and they towed the company line there and wouldn't answer my question as to why NYOP was not available in Vegas for the next 6 months, they just said that its the rental car companies that make vehicles available and unavailable. They attempted to calm me by giving me a 10% discount code on a PRICELINE EXPRESS rental. I don't understand why these rates are so ridiculous, fees add on approximately 60-80% of the total cost of the rental, so currently my 10% coupon is only good for an $8.40 discount bringing the total down to $133.XX. this is an exorbitant amount considering that I rented a car in Vegas through carrentals.com for $66.07 in 2015 for the same exact dates..
  2. This is a great hotel! I stayed there in December 2015, however the price you paid is close to their normal rate. I got a room for the night for $125.
  3. Hi everyone! Glad I waited until this morning to pull the trigger, the price dropped to $119, and right after I booked I checked again and the deal was gone....btw it was the "Art Hotel"......whew!....lol
  4. Hello all! I was looking on Hotwire and found a 4.5* Boutique Hotel in Greater downtown Denver for 12/19. I have read through the other posts and I am concluding that this is "The Art" if anyone could assure me that it is this hotel, I sure would appreciate it. I saw other prices at $129 and this particular deal is regularly $219 marked down to $146, but booking at any other site it is $300+, even Hotwires site has it at $309. According to the hotel list it could possibly be 2 other hotels that are listed as 4.5* boutique but the amenities have more. Thanks in advance
  5. Used this website a couple of times, but this is my first post. Had been trying to get a 3 star in Oak Brook for a week, everybody kept saying they were getting Staybridge suites for 44 or less. Wouldn't bite at 44 for me but accepted at 46 for apparently a better hotel, Courtyard by Marriot. Only con I can see, no comp breakfast
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