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  1. We ended up reserving a free cancellation hotel (Harrah's) that was on the low range of what we were trying. We continued to try to get a better star/price, but were unsuccessful, so ended up staying at Harrah's.
  2. e were going for 6/29-7/4, and basically wanting as inexpensive as possible. We tried $45 for 2.5-4* today on PRICELINE. We went for a $57, 2.5* from HOTWIRE. Melvindale Inn & Suites (which called itself Red Roof Melvindale when we called it to request a crib). Amenities listed include: Free Breakfast, Free Parking, Business Center, Self-Service Laundry, Fitness Center, Indoor Pool(s), Pool(s).
  3. Using the BB Price.line link, trying to get a low price for a 5-night stay in Dearborn, MI. 1) June 1: Tried levels 2*-4* in Dearborn for $30. None accepted. 2) June 2: Tried levels 2*-4* in Dearborn for $40. None accepted. 3) June 3: Tried levels 2*-4* in Dearborn for $45. None accepted.
  4. We need to go to Detroit this weekend 8/15-8/18 (3 nights). We'd prefer to stay in Dearborn, or possibly Allen Park/Melvindale/Lincoln Park. 2* for $56/night in Allen Park/Melvindale/Lincoln Park (Detroit area). 45% recommend it. Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access 3* for $66/night in Allen Park/Melvindale/Lincoln Park (Detroit area). 90% recommend it. Free Parking Free Internet Pet friendly Boutique Hotel Indoor pool(s) Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s)
  5. The Entertainment Book discount didn't work for me, but thanks for posting it, Romelle. I upped all the bids by $1, but everything was still rejected. I'll wait a few more days before bidding again. Thanks!
  6. Well, I've started to pace out the bids every few days. I have a $50 in bonus cash that expires tomorrow night. It was supposed to be $10/night, but because we're doing 4 rooms, it's only $3.13/night. So 5* at *85.13 and $90.13 failed. 4* at $49.13, 54.13, 59.13, 64.13, and 69.13 all failed. I'll try again tomorrow night before the bonus cash is gone. How likely is it that if all my friends went on Priceline at the same time and put their own bids in (if they also had the bonus cash), for the exact same star level and bid price, that we would get the same hotel?
  7. FYI: Using the links above, I rebid the same amounts from yesterday. All bids were rejected. (5* $82 and $87, and 4* 46, 51, 56, 61, and $66)
  8. Thanks for letting me know about the resort fees (sad, but not surprising). Hopefully the 4 rooms won't count against us either. Just tried rebidding. For 5* it rejected $82 and $87. For 4* it rejected 46, 51, 56, 61, and $66. Just thought I'd keep everyone updated.
  9. I don't think we want the Trump. One reason why we're leaning towards Priceline is because we heard they didn't have resort fees tacked on with the blind bidding. Is that true? In terms of star rating, we'd love 5* but we're pretty firm on price. Perhaps waiting until after the new year would help?
  10. A group of 4 couples are going to Vegas for a Friday-Tuesday vacation on the Strip (north or south). We'd like 4* or 5*, with a budget of $100/room. A few questions: 1) Does booking so many rooms tend to help or hurt Priceline bids? 2) Since it's both weekend nights and weeknights, what should we expect in terms of pricing for the bidding? And to verify, these are the potential rebid zones, correct? 4* Boulder Henderson North West Las Vegas Nellis 5* Boulder Fremont St. Henderson Lake Las Vegas L.V. Airport North West L.V. Near L.V. Strip East Near L.V. Strip West Nellis Summerlin Tonight I
  11. Can you help id these Hotwire hotels? I'm guessing it's Trump Towers & Treasure Island, but am not sure. A group of friends are going to Vegas for 4/19-4/23. Are these good rates or would we likely do better by bidding on Priceline? Would the hotels tack on the resort fees if we bid on Priceline as well, or would it be included? 5* The Strip-North Area for $92 (+ $30/day resort fee) recommended in 90% of reviews Spa Services Resort Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Kitchenette Free Parking 4* The
  12. Using the link at the top, we booked the 3* Hyatt Place Herndon on 6/29/2013 for $59 ($71.39 with tax). The amenities included: Indoor pool(s) Airport Shuttle Smoke Free Rooms Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Accessible for the blind Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower
  13. The amenities for the 3.5* hotel on Hotwire is: Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center High-speed internet access It is recommended in 85% of reviews. So is this the Crown Plaza?
  14. Yesterday I tried bidding on 3* at $55, 60, 65, and $70 and a 4* at $112. All were unsuccessful. This morning I put in 3* for downtown at $65 (and then Priceline added the 3.5 & 4* automatically on that first bid, grrr), $75, and $85 and all were unsuccessful. By the way, are we 99% positive that the Hotwire hotel is the Crowne Plaza?
  15. I saw that 3.5* but I think it's the Crown Plaza (am I wrong?) which is further away from the action than I would really like. I prefer the location of pretty much all of the other hotels over that one. Figures.
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