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  1. Hotel stay was very good. An excellent deal. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a deal like this for the following weekend.
  2. Total cost $137.96. Listed price was $59/night for a king bed or standard room but used the Hotwire Coupon Getaway10 code for 10% discount making actual cost before taxes and fees of $53.10/night. Got a king bed. For $63 one could get a king with sofa bed, and for $65, two double beds Used BB HOTWIRE link. Am VERY pleased with the deal. I had booked this hotel on hotels.com last night for $105/nt plus tax so I'm saving over $100. Amenities listed were free breakfast, free internet, airport shuttle, fitness center, business center.. Hotwire listed the Trip Advisor rating as 4.5/5. Then it showed me 4 hotels, and guaranteed it would be one of the 4. Hampton was the only one that had a 4.5 rating -- others were 3.0-4.0 -- so it had to be the Hampton. It's hard to find good deals around Midway Airport -- I know the area well since I grew up in Chicago -- so I jumped on this as soon as I saw it.
  3. After I posted my review, I noticed the hotel is listed as a LaQuinta Inn & Suites. It is just a plain LaQuinta -- not an Inn & Suites. If I initially wrote LQ Inn & Suites, it was an error. Sorry. In my experience the Inn & Suites hotels are newer and generally better.
  4. I forgot to comment on our stay. For the price and for just one night this was a good deal, but this hotel only deserves a 2-star rating. (I filled out the Priceline review and told them that.) We stay at a lot of 2.5 and 3-star hotels, and this hotel is NOT 2.5 star. Room was clean, reasonable size, and modern, but the hotel buildings are dumpy and old. We'd probably stay again for one night at this price, but I wouldn't want to stay there much longer. Front desk clerk was snippy when I called from the airport to get the shuttle, but that can happen anywhere. The breakfast was mediocre at best -- lots of unhealthy pre-packaged items. There are a few restaurants within walking distance, IHOP, Pei Wei, Starbucks, and others I can't remember.
  5. Total cost $54.97 with taxes and fees. Amenities listed were free internet, pets allowed, airport shuttle, free breakfast, swimming pool, non-smoking rooms available, and bedding (not sure what bedding means). Underneath it said bed choice available. I chose 2 double beds w/o microwave and fridge for $42. It was $47 if you wanted 2 doubles w/ microwave and fridge. King was $85. Guest rating was 7. Cheapest rate I could find elsewhere was $80 so I'm very pleased with the win. It is an old style La Quinta with exterior corridors, but we're only here one night. Before I clicked to buy the hotel, Priceline said the last person got this hotel. I thought it was the LaQuinta since they allow pets, and most of their hotels have 2 double beds and king options which was what I was offered. Haven't used Priceline or Hotwire much in the last few years since I seldom find good deals any more, but this was one.
  6. Hotel worked out well. We were very pleased given the price. This is the type of deal I used to get frequently on Priceline but can't find very often now. Could have paid a lot more for something no better or possibly worse. I asked for a room on the top floor that was away from the elevator (my usual request). The agent said fine and gave us a king bed, but then stated that if we wanted 2 queens, he'd change it. We didn't care so just kept the king. The room had been refurbished although I thought the LaQuinta decor was nicer (bigger desk and couch), but this is personal preference. The room and hotel still smelled of mildew, but we expected that since mildew smell is difficult to get out. (This is a beachfront hotel.) Everything worked in the room, the staff was friendly overall, breakfast acceptable, bed good enough, and towels/amenities were decent for a 2.5-star hotel. They asked if I was a Best Western member which I said I was and gave me 2 bottles of water and 2 snacks of my choice. The front desk agent said it was still the same owner even though the branding had changed. I'd rate it higher, probably a 4/5 -- the downgrade largely because of the smell. I'd return if another deal like this occurs when I want to go to Galveston. This is a 2.5 star hotel, not a 4 star hotel, so my rating is based on this, but so was the price.
  7. Free breakfast was also an amenity. Sorry I forgot this. Breakfast is important to me too!
  8. Total cost was $78.98. Amenities were free parking, free internet, non-smoking, bed choice, business center, fitness center, and pool. Showed a rating of 6+. Oddly enough, I did NOT get a bed choice for $30. A king bed was listed for $49 or 2 queens for $57. Priceline also offered this hotel on their non-express hotels for 2 nights for a non-refundable total cost of $89 ($10 more) with a 6.8/10 rating.. This tipped me off so I was fairly confident it was the Best Western when I bid. The best rate I could find on Best Western's website had a total cost of $136. This hotel used to be a LaQuinta Inn and Suites, and we've stayed there several times since it was built maybe 15 years ago. The hotel was very nice when it was new (big rooms, nice decor,balconies), but gradually went downhill (mildew smells among other things) so we stopped staying there. I'm not sure when it became a Best Western, but it says on their website that it was renovated a year ago. It was repainted for sure, but some of the reviews indicated the rooms could use updating. Hotel gets a 3/5 rating on Trip Advisor and 7.6/10 rating on hotels.com. I used the Better Bidding link. Didn't qualify for the Priceline coupon (not 3 stars), and I didn't have a Priceline coupon from my email. Nevertheless, I think it's a pretty good deal. I wanted a decent, but inexpensive, hotel in Galveston that's clean and has a comfortable bed. Hopefully, it will fit the bill.
  9. I forgot to review the hotel. It's quite nice -- comfortable bed, pleasant ambiance, good furniture, etc. . Rooms are large although it's a newer design, and they aren't as large as other Hyatt Places I've stayed at, eg, Baltimore, DC, Ft. Lauderdale, Lombard. The bed is not separate from the suite area, and it didn't have a wet bar or large sectional couch. Breakfast is good although we were there on a weekend, and the clientele was largely families and groups. Unfortunately, some parents did not supervise their children at breakfast. I did get Hyatt points for participating in the "Go Green" program although I had to follow-up even though I was assured I'd get them upon check-in. I'd recommend the hotel -- probably give it a 4/5 .
  10. The hotel was OK, but it is nowhere near a 4.5/5. I'd give it a 3/5 at best. I also would downgrade it to 2.5 stars from 3 stars. There were minor problems in the room (hair dryer not working properly, shower rod falling down, etc), the pillows were small and uncomfortable, the furniture is nicked, there's no full-length mirror, and the carpet needs updating. The breakfast was somewhat better than most LaQuintas (though that's a low standard) but not on the level of Hampton Inn or Hyatt Place. The breakfast tables weren't cleaned the first two days and barely cleaned the third day after I complained. The manager was dreadful -- more interested in defending her less than stellar staff than hearing how to improve the place. I read the reviews again. Our standards must be higher, but we've stayed in far better hotels at the same star level, eg, Hilton Garden Inns, Hyatt Place. Hard to tell if we got treated poorly because it was a Hotwire purchase, but we didn't sense that. The only consolation is the price we paid. I have a Hyatt Place stay coming up in Chicago suburb which is also a 3 star hotel and gets 4.5/5 ratings. I'll comment on that after our stay.
  11. I got your first response/ message in my email. I responded with an email. No one responded to my email saying I wasn't computer savvy and didn't know what a "PM" is. I still don't know what a "PM" is or how to do it so if you want me to do that in the future, you need to tell me.
  12. Total cost with tax and fees was $164.85 since I had a $25 off coupon from HOTWIRE. This equates to a cost of $47/nt plus tax and no Hotwire fee. Amenities listed were free parking, free breakfast, free internet, fitness, pool, smoke-free, business center, and self-serve laundry. After I booked, my confirmation email also included golf nearby and repeated internet. I was fairly certain this was the LaQuinta before I booked for several reasons: 1) Hotwire said TripAdvisor rating was 4.5/5 so that matched (very few hotels get this high a rating) 2) Hotwire said last person who booked got the LaQuinta although this isn't foolproof since I've had this happen before and got a different hotel and 3) bed choice of king or 2 double beds which is generally what LaQuinta hotels have. I am delighted with my win. Cheapest rate I found for this hotel was $253 (although I'd get some points with that).
  13. Thanks for the tip on the Priceline Coupon and Hotwire Coupons. I was unaware of them. I haven't been on this site for a long time. My Hotwire deal was still better than PRICELINE with the 5% discount coupon, but a coupon might make the difference for a future purchase. I don't miss the Chicago weather. I'll try to remember to use the links. I was vaguely aware of the bidding helper feature, but I used to by a lot of hotels so I was pretty confident about the Hyatt Place.
  14. Total price was $173.74 since I had a $15 off Hotwire Coupon (purchase over $100). Taxes are VERY high in Bedford Park (17.5%) so I calculated the real cost is about $74/night and no fee for Hotwire. The post said the rate was discounted from $117, but the cheapest rate I could find on the web was an advance purchase for $119. I also checked PRICELINE EXPRESS, and I'm almost positive they had the same hotel for $73/night (total cost of $184.96) which was a tad cheaper if one didn't have a Hotwire coupon. I didn't have a coupon for Priceline. Priceline did list a price of $119. I'm a former southside Chicagoan so I'm very familiar with the area, and I was almost positive I was getting the Hyatt Place. The hotel gets superb reviews (4.5/5 on Trip Advisor), and this was mentioned on the Hotwire listing as well as a 95% recommended rate. I am very pleased with my purchase. I haven't used HOTWIRE or PRICELINE much in the past few years since I think their deals are not as good as they were years ago (hotels have stepped up with discounts, points, and freebies), but I frequently check. I think I forgot to use the link since I haven't been using Hotwire or Priceline. Sorry. The hotel was listed as an "ALL-SUITES" hotel, not just a plain hotel. This is a tip-off. The amenities shown when I purchased it were free breakfast, free internet, free parking (which is important to me and many hotels in that area charge), pet-friendly, pool, airport shuttle, smoke-free, and fitness. After the purchase, the amenities shown on my receipt included those but added restaurant, business center, indoor pool, and internet access (a duplication). If you need any more information, please let me know.
  15. Great stay -- and they even gave us free breakfast coupons since we're gold!
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