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  1. $42 accepted on first bid. $55.10 total w/fees. One night. Bid two days prior to arrival. Lowest rate on hotel's web site was $89/night. This hotel not on Priceline pinned list for this area. Rated #1 on Tripadvisor for Roseville hotels. Used BB link.
  2. First time post. Thanks for all your work and help on this site. Looking for cheap three star this weekend in Seattle and saw what I felt was Crowne Plaza for $72 a night on Hotwire. Bid $50 at Priceline for three star downtown and told to try again. Added Lake Union, bid $55 and got the Crowne Plaza. The rate quote directly from the hotel for this weekend was $142 a night. Have stayed in this hotel before and very happy with the price. Thanks again for all the tips and help.