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  1. I am curious because I'm looking at two hotels in the same zone with the same star rating, and each of them has a different named "Last person booked" property. I'm sure there's an internal formula, but it's not so easily explainable.
  2. As thereuare stated, the breakeven point is 2 hours, so if you exceeded that, you'd be charged for a full day. New info: By my experience, it is much easier to extend a rental agreement by incremental days than it is to shift a pickup time, but fortunately enough flexibility is built in to a reservation to allow for most contingencies. One time my flight was 8 hrs late getting in, and fortunately the rental agency offered 12 hours flexibility for RSVP's before charging a cancellation fee. YMMV.
  3. Please remove Millennium from your hotel listings on Hotwire (and priceline) as it has closed this year. Shame it did close and I will miss it, warts and all. I stayed there numerous times and never had a problem. By taking all that inventory off the market, they've made staying in STL a more expensive proposition. I guess it's good if you're a hotelier. Thanks Need help identifying 2 stars property now, $60s with Free Breakfast and Internet.
  4. Saw a 4* express deal was in the area for $93, so I offered $80 and won this. Very impressed with the hotel. It is in a prime downtown location. There was no flexibility on rooms, because they were sold out and I got the last room. However, the room had a king bed, and was very accommodating.
  5. Hotel was great. Room came with full sized bath. Pool, fitness center, business center, and more. 95% recommended. Convenient to the tri-met's red line transit ($2.50 to/from the airport). Great views from upper floor rooms. Lobby and rooms were extremely clean and all surfaces polished. Self Parking charge was $18 but the street had plenty of spots which are free overnight until 8AM. Property used to be a 3 according to BB, but it has recently been upgraded by hotwire and I agree with the change.
  6. Thanks. Any way to make my original post a 2.5 to correct any confusion later caused?
  7. I agree wholeheartedly with the above. While it does seem that PRICELINE and HOTWIRE are both trying to get a bite of the "pet friendly" business, the risk of finding a hotel that won't accommodate still hasn't been entirely mitigated, and worse I feel that their pretending to accommodate makes matters trickier. I truly wonder what will happen if I book this hotel and then call them and find out their pet friendly rooms are gone. Does hotwire really accommodate? Would the hotel "create" a pet friendly room for me just because I had been led to believe it would be available? Or would they shop me elsewhere? And what about the hidden fee for "pet friendly" stays, is that mentioned anywhere in Hot.wire and Price.line's policy?
  8. It has been nearly four years since the original post. Now, HOTWIRE and PRICELINE offer a pet friendly logo on some opaque items. However, as we should all know by experience, pet policies are ALL OVER THE MAP these days, with some hotels being no charge (mostly La Quinta) and some being more expensive than a room for humans (I'm looking at you, Marriotts and Hamptons). There is no standard, and HOTWIRE or PRICELINE does not appear to enforce any kind of standard. Some chains have "deposits" that are "non-refundable" (an obvious oxymoron) and others have refundable holds. I just called a hotel to see what their pet policy is, and they said their specific pet friendly rooms are SOLD OUT and that if they had any rooms on a waiting list they'd be for one small dog only, yet they are showing on hotwire right now as being "pet friendly." What to do ? Does the hotel have to honor my needs for a pet friendly room?
  9. I'd like to correct this thread. It was actually a 2.5 stars bid. 2.5 stars, Free Breakfast, Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), Internet access The "breakfast" was pretty awful compared to competitors in this star range And there were NO elevators :)
  10. I was seeing $34 total price offers on Hotwire, so I bid $17 on priceline name your own price for Philadelphia airport next Sunday. I won on the economy category. After taxes and fees it came to $30 and change, a savings of $4 vs. Hotwire and a 63% savings from "$80 retail." Avis is a shuttle ride rather than directly in the terminal, but with the savings I'm quite happy.
  11. I finally had one of those Hotwire hell experiences. I thought people just like to complain about not being able to control location. I have never had a problem with my hotwire selections before, and I have used them often. Add this Ramada trap to your Newport watchlist. The Ramada here is by anyone's standards a 2 star property, but Hotwire calls it a 3. Yes, there is a breakfast, but it consists of only a hardboiled egg and a reheatable waffle or burrito, and pineapple chunks, as well as your choice of one or two picked over donuts (not fresh). It was typical service for a 2-star, not a $180 value like they can get on the weekends. There is no elevator in the building to get to the far reaches of the third floor of this hotel where all the hotwire rooms are located. I don't know how they would accommodate handicapped/seniors? when you get to the hotel they give you one of the rooms with merely a full bed that has not yet been upgraded just because you had an online discount rate. I thought the hotwire premise is that you are saving money, not losing value.
  12. As for add-ons... well, one time my flight was moved an hour earlier and the local agent, not in Philly mind you, told me I was going to have to pay about $16 (the daily rate) for picking up my car at 11PM instead of waiting until 12:01 after midnight. I balked, took the car because I was tired, and agreed to these new terms. I was just glad they were able to accommodate. However, when I turned in the car, the extra fee for the first day was waived! I have no idea if I got the car back to them an hour early and they looked at it as a was, or what. but however it happened, I got lucky. YMMV. YMMV Your mileage may vary. LOL
  13. Did some last minute bidding and just scored a great deal at Nashville (BNA) Hertz for just $10 a day using name my own price. Although priceline doesn't allow bidding in the same hour, I set up my pick-up for the next hour, and picked up the car after a short wait with no qualms from the gate agent, conveniently located nearby in the terminal. My previous time I was in Nashville the gate agent tried to tell me that I wasn't getting the best deal possible with priceline and that I should have used SOUTHWEST POINTS or negotiated with him a better rate, and he beleaguered the point that I could not negotiate with him for upgrades without forfeiting what I paid priceline, and starting over. I had to laugh at the suggestion that I pay for two rental cars just to drive one. I doubt he could see that I was walking out with a less than half price car for only $10 a day. I don't think he knows what the scoop is but I will continue to go my own way, and help others defeat the scam perpetuated by that Hertz employee. Please use the site's PRICELINE or HOTWIRE links to start your purchases and searches.
  14. Downloaded the priceline app and saw that they offered $11 to 14 for compact cars at BNA for last minute bidding. Perhaps $14 was for a certain brand of car, but $11 was for a class of cars from an unknown purveyor. I didn't like those offers so I went to the name your own price section of the priceline website which I could not even find on the android app, and asked for $9. I won an Alamo compact style car. Alamo gave me a small 4 door car with great gas mileage, and for the price I could not be happier with that. The Alamo attendant tried to offer me other things in his lot for 30% off and said I probably paid too much with priceline. However, ironically the things he was offering were in addition to what priceline already charged me, which he claims I would have forfeited. So he was talking out of both sides of his mouth but I was smart enough to ignore these offers after entertaining them for a minute.
  15. I just bid $9 and won a compact car at BNA the other day, last minute on a Saturday morning. I am going to post it to the forum of priceline wins. (After taxes and fees, it was more like $19.) I suspect, from my limited experience renting cars, that the rental car owners put inventory on sale only later in the game when they know they won't be able to sell it otherwise. Unlike hotels where they would love to make plenty of set room reservations in advance and they have an almost exact figure of rooms available, the car guys might not know what inventory they will have that far out, or demand, but only an estimate.
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