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  1. I have bid only once on airfare about 3 years ago. See Link below. It did work out great! Since then I have not been that flexible on the times connections for flights. Now that economic times are better I don't see the "PriceLine" Name your price deals. However I find Cars and Hotels in HotWire more often then PriceLine. Someone needs to post the best way to monitor airfair prices. They can dip very low for a short period but I don't see an easy "free" way to watch for that on specific dates. Here is the link from my great deal three years ago. Its was Virgin American direct flight just wonderful! I don't see deals out of IAD all that often for the WDC area BAL is the often the lost cost departure point. Good luck. Priceline Airfare Deal
  2. Looking for a 9 day Mini-Van rental for a driving trip. Did a regular PRICELINE search and was going to be almost $700. Was going to do a Price Line Bid but tried HOTWIRE 1st. Got a "Hot Rate" for $29 a day also opted for the $9 a day insurance so total with tax was about $450 so that sure beats the regular price of over $60 a day. It ended up being National after purchase.
  3. Thanks for the tip on the coupon. I did find you can print them on-line. Today I re-bid. Started at 4 * $65 then when to 3 1/2 * at $66 still no luck. I did see yesterday the Hilton on Priceline was possible without bid with a teaser for $79 but that was a one queen special access room. But you need to pay $89 for a two queen. Talked to priceline in on-line chat and they did not offer anything better. I will probably try one more bid cycle then see if I can get the $89 for two queens. I have stayed at this Hilton twice before using a price line bid. Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link as usual.
  4. I have completed about three bidding cycles with price line I am up to $62 and have not won the Hilton East Brunswick yet. I have used price line the last two years to get a Hotel in this area and it has been the Hilton both times. Last year it was around $60 I think. Ill let you know how the next round goes. I have made a backup reservation at a near by Holiday Inn.
  5. Just to keep you all up to date. I have bid up to $61 now. Going to look for a safety hotel using the Better Bidding hotel list for Dayton.
  6. Well up to $50 with Hubber, Dayton North and Northwest still no win yet.
  7. Using the PRICELINE link Started with Dayton North at $35 then added Huber at $37 then added Northwest at $39. All at 3 star. I am afraid of going to 2.5 star as the Ramada Plaza has some very bad reviews. The Ramada Plaza is Dayton North. So if I do have to go to 2.5 star I will need to remove Dayton North. I am out of bids for now. I really want to stay to the North side of Dayton. Troy. Oh does not seem to be in PriceLine or that might be good. I'll report back the results of my next bidding session is a quest for Dayton Rooms. I wonder if anyone thinks its harder to get bids accepted when you need more then one room?
  8. Well after a couple more bidding attempts I was offering $63 for a mini van.( I used the BB PRICELINE link). The $63 was not accepted and I got the screen the "negotiator" could not get me a deal but offered a (limited time) Alamo Deal for $58. This $58 is less then my did price of $63. This seems is just a normal reservation I guess with Alamo and I would pay when the rental is returned. That is what the PRICELINE screen said pay when you return the van. So I took the reservation for $58 and will let you know if there are any problems. Maybe because everyone is watching the super bowl they offered a lower price? Any way much less then my safety reservation of over $800.
  9. Still trying just bid $50 for a Minivan and then tried a full size SUV at $55 both no luck. I did see something on the priceline re-bid screen that said retail price was $58. Maybe in the next bid session i'll start with $58 or $60. My Mother-in-Law made a safety reservation for $850 for the week at Avis but I think I can do better then over $100 a day.
  10. Two PriceLine bids so far $40 for a Mini-Van rebid for a Full Size SUV at $45. No joy so far.
  11. Just won (East Brunswick-Edison) Hilton 5/10/12-5/12/12 3.5 $52 Used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link started at 4 * $50 with no luck did a re bid at $52 adding in 3.5* and got the Hilton Tower Center Blvd. This is the same hotel I got last year for $45 but when a tried $45 a a week ago did not win. This will due fine. Last year on Friday night at this hotel Ann Coulter was giving a speech and we happened to be in the lobby when she was leaving.
  12. Just tried 3.5* & 4 * Somerset-Brunswick (East Brunswick-Edison) 5/10/12-5/12/12. Started at $45 4 * then added 3.5 * last year I won the Hilton East Brunswick for $45 I'll wait a couple days and try maybe $50 or even $60 at 4* for the one 4* in that zone. I used the BB PRICELINE link. I really just want that zone.
  13. Did a ton of bids trying to get the biggest form of transportation for the lowest $$. I did not see much in Better Bidding other then compacts. Tried in the $30 to $50 range on SUV Standard, Mini Van, Premium, Luxury and made a ton of bids over the course of three days. Finally dropped down to Full Size and bid $42 and got AVIS on the first full size bid. Its spring break time so I guess $42 is OK. Five days and taxes put it about $282. Have not rented from AVIS in a long time hope they are still good. I think Advantage is an off shoot of AVIS they have tons of bad reviews. Advantage is in priceline but not part of the "Name Your Price" list. HOTWIRE had $51 for a Full Size so again PRICELINE name your own price was better. Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link to make the bids.
  14. Just won 3* Philadelphia (Mt. Laurel) Wyndham Philadelphia - Started at 45 for 3 1/2 * Not sure if any 3 1/3 * or 4 star hotels exist in the Mt Laurel map. Would like to win the "LOFT" which is listed in priceline but I have not seen anyone win it yet. Also a new Hotel in the area Hilton Garden Inn, but the best published rate for them is $85. We have stayed at the Wyndham before. Its ok not the greatest kind of surprised its not down graded to maybe 2 1/2 *
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