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  1. Landed the W New York for a short stay in NY on business. Used HOTWIRE link. Will be my first stay at this property, reviews look to be ok. Amenities are fitness center, restaurant, business center, high speed internet, and spa. Showing a 85% recommendation.
  2. Needed to hurry and confirm this trip...so I pulled the trigger. Turned out to be the Le Montrose Suite Hotel Used the HOTWIRE link ofcourse.
  3. Used HOTWIRE link and found this hotel. Can't seem to find if this amenities set has been reported yet. $138.00 per night Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, Landry, Golf nearby, tennis nearby
  4. Yes Jan 1-3rd. I used the HOTWIRE link when I was searching.
  5. I'm terrible at follow ups...sorry. Ended up staying with a business associate...since it more than likely wasn't going to be the W
  6. Looking at one HOTWIRE has listed for 87.00 dates are the 1st through the 3rd. 4* with amenities Suite, smokefree, fitness, pools, restaurants, business center, high speed internet. Any ideas? Nothing is showing in the Recommended section. Just says "We are still gathering reviews for this property"
  7. Been doing some more research...looks like it may be the Roosevelt. *sigh* really wanted the W
  8. I'm going to make a trip to LA 11/20 - 11/25. I'm shooting for the W hotel off of vine. I know there is no for sure way to know...but just seeing if this is possibly the W. I tried searching, but it would let me search the board for "w" or "W hotel". 4-star hotel in Hollywood $149.00 80% review This hotel features the following amenities: Bed Choice Fitness Center Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. Pool(s) Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal. Restaurant(s) Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Business Center Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply. High-speed Internet Access Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply.
  9. I know i'm pretty bad about providing updates, so wanted to make sure I closed the request out. I ended up just staying with a friend in Hoboken (sp?). Thanks for your help, hopefully next time i'll have a little bit better lead time and can find a deal.
  10. I'm leaving out tomorrow morning...lol so I guess I need to figure something out. I guess my next option is to look for a 4* in nyc from 11-2 thru 11-5. Top of budget would be 125.00. Not picky on the zone. I see a few people have gotten the grand hyatt or La Merdian (sp?) for some reasonable rates.
  11. Wow...lol thanks for the smack of reality. Any idea why the rates are so high for those given dates? Thought I would maybe top out at 115 if anything...lol not 200 plus.
  12. Sorry for the lack of updates. I ended up giving up on looking and my cousin just stayed at my house instead. :)
  13. I'm looking to go up to New York tomorrow 11/1 or Wed 11/2 through Friday 11/5. Have read the reviews and would love to get this property. For this time of year...are the prices I have seen 72.00 - 86.00 bucks from other posters...still possible?
  14. I have stayed at that holiday Inn (Lincoln Tunnel) a few times. It's newly renovated...and is pretty nice. Offers a shuttle to Manhattan also. Forgot how much it costs...dont remember it being over 5 or so bucks though.
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