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  1. I checked the hotel list and was initially concerned because Extended Stay America is listed as the only winning bid for 2 1/2* Priceline Express in Lynnwood. Checking amenities I saw the swimming pool so no ESA (whew!!!). Researching other properties through Priceline’s main booking page, I expected the Best Western Alderwood, while I did not get the Best Western I was happy to get the Holiday Inn Express Lynnwood, which is listed at $111/night. Now BB can add another property :) Searched for 2 nights, 3 Mar - 5 Mar 2018 north of Seattle. Selected 2.5 Star for $61 night: “Similar to Holiday Inn Express and Best Western” Amenities: Free Internet; Business Center; Indoor or Outdoor Pool; Free Internet-Room; Fitness Center; Handicap; Free Parking; Indoor Pool; Free Internet-Public; Non Smoking. Thanks so much for 13 years of help! Of course I used the board PRICELINE link. AinA
  2. Last minute decision to travel. Looked like this property was being offered as Priceline Express deal for $83/night - as I've had a bad experience with a Day's Inn in the area I was double checking it wasn't Kennewick and *poof* it disappeared. This weekend is their annual Cool Desert Nights Festival so availability is limited. Priceline did not offer any other PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals for all of Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco & Richland) and was listing the Day's Inn at $114/night with the next closest in price at $189/night. Went to Hotwire & saw 2* in Kennewick for $103 & bid with the expectation it would be the Day's Inn. (Now BB has the amenities so it can be added to the Hotwire list.) Satisfied with the price considering it was very last minute for a busy weekend. Used the HOTWIRE link (as always). AinA From bidding page: Hotel Features Complimentary Free Breakfast | Free Internet | Free Parking Amenities Business Center | Fitness Center | Pet Friendly | Pool(s) | Self-service Laundry From confirmation page: Hotel amenities Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Fitness center, Pool(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access
  3. Hoping to get Sheraton because I have a conference there in the morning. HOTWIRE showed a 3 1/2* for $96 with Free Parking, Free Internet, Smoke-Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Business Center, Self Service Laundry. The Sheraton's Hotwire doesn't list parking or laundry so I was guessing it was probably Silver Cloud. Started bidding for 4* at $70 (saw the Marriott win for that!) got a return that said if I upped bid to $146 I could get a free re-bid ... Dropped to 3 1/2* (going for the Sheraton but I'm thinking now the Sheraton might be a 4* for PRICELINE - oops!) and re-bid - rejected. Upped by $5 & added Tukwilla for free re-bid. Went through other 3* & lower until I got to $90 & won the Silver Cloud :-/ on the very bright side they let us pay an extra $30 for the King Jacuzzi suite (difference in price on the Internet rate btwn standard queen & suite). So THAT made it AWESOME! As as always used the PRICELINE link. Love you still, even with my sedentary homebody lifestyle. Thank you so very much, There You Are, for such a valuable resource. AinA
  4. Booked this property through Hot.wire, not sure if the system calculates ages of kids (mine are teens) in their price Matrix? Originally left the auto fill "2 adults" and cost was $65. (Fortunately I caught my error.) Property showed 2* in Richland, WA for one night, June 26, 2015 at $68 with the following amenities: Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Pet Friendly Pool(s) Self-service Laundry Used the HOTWIRE link. Not pleased with this property. Not just because it is a lower star than we usually stay at but there were very serious issues (will try to find the spot for reviews here). This was a last minute, same day booking on a weekend that many properties in town were already sold out. Multiple events in town + record setting heat so I'm guessing there was a lot of demand. Only other options were over double the price. AinA
  5. Not too much to report, at a tournament in the midst of a local "Summer Nights" celebration in Tri-Cities, WA. Last minute, same day bid for a 3* June 26, 2015 in Richland, WA for $60 was rejected. Only historical numbers for Priceline were a year old at $50 for opaque bids and $61 for a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal (all winning the Red Lion). Hotwire was showing a 2* with parking, breakfast, Internet, pets, pool, & laundry at $68 for 3 people. Only other re-bid option would be to add Kennewick or drop star level. Having hungry softball players with me I (mistakenly) thought the Hotwire 2* with breakfast would be the best choice over an unknown lower star via price line. :-/ Ended up at the Day's Inn through Hotwire (will post that win separate). Need to do a review for this property, would recommend anyone faced with the potential of this property to make other arrangements!!!
  6. First bid 3* @ $50, rejected. Since no zones for free re-bid dropped star level to 2 1/2 and raised bid to $54. Winning bid: $54/night x 2 + taxes & fees = $130.34 Price if booked through Best Western: $238.86 >$100 savings for 2 nights!!! Thank you BetterBidding. Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link :)
  7. Just an FYI, this thread is being listed under Washington State, not Washington D.C. Mods, you might want to move this ;)
  8. I am normally a dedicated Priceline bidder but I'm traveling for a sports event for my child and really wanted a specific property. Some of the teammates are staying at the La Quinta and it did not appear in the Price.line win list but was the sole 2.5* property for Hot.wire. I found this bid interesting, I looked at it yesterday while I was out and there were no amenities listed to enable me to verify the property. I thought perhaps it was because I was on my phone in spite of switching over to the full site feature. This morning on my computer I found that there were still no amenities listed for this property. I took a chance since La Quinta is the only 2.5 star listed for Hotwire in Bellingham and BetterBidding.com had my back again! Yay! Of course used the HOTWIRE link at the top of the page. Thank you so much. Other parents are reporting prices well over $100/night for this property. Always a fan, AinA
  9. I do not remember all of the bids and rebids I did on this one, if I wait until I can piece it together I'll never post so here's the end result: I started bidding for 3.5* at $48 and ended up winning this 3* property for $68. It was a last minute bid for a Friday night that coincided with the NCAA Final Four play offs being in Portland :-/ (Subsequent win for same property a few weeks later came in at $56.) Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. Thank you as always! AinA
  10. I had stayed here a few weeks ago when I was down for my grandmother's services (need to post that win/bid history... it was drawn out!) and it was the hotel I was hoping to get. My previous win for this hotel was the weekend the NCAA March Madness playoffs were in Portland and I had to drop down to a 3* and go up to $68 before winning a room. For this stay my first bid 3* $54 North Harbor/Jantzen Beach. Rejected but offered a free re-bid if I upped my bid to $62. Opted to add a zone and bid again. Added downtown & upped bid to $56. Bingo! So... $55/56 is the magic price for this property. I laughed because I almost started bidding at $55 and if I'd won on my first bid I would probably have to bid for a second room just to see what the lowest price really was!!! (Of course I used the link on the site.) Thanks so much for all the years of cheap hotels. I have been so spoiled with your site - it has been a decade now. Thank you! AinA
  11. Stuck in Seattle, who knew all flights to Alaska would sell out? This is what I get for not planning ahead. Currrently there's a 3.5* room at Priceline.Express for $76, with the summer14 5% off discount code made a total price of $87.25. Bid Airport 3.5* $50 - came back with counter if I changed to $67 I could rebid, opted to change zones/star level. -Added Bothell (free rebid - no 3.5*) & moved bid up $3. Declined. -Added Des Moines & moved up $3 to $56. Declined. -Added Kent & moved up another $3 dollars to $59. Success! The Double Tree for $59. (Surprise!) With Taxes & Fees total charged = $75.36. Love getting the best deal I can, since there's so many free rebid zones I was curious about going up by $1 to see if $59 really was their price point but was too lazy! Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link as always. Thank you, Better Bidding! AinA
  12. First bid for 3* SEA (Airport) $45: came back denied w/ an offer if I upped offer by $17 to $62 I would be *allowed* to rebid. Huh? When did they start this? Before it was always up it to "$___" and we'll GIVE you the room ... now it is we'll let you TRY to get a room again? Huh? Not going to go for that. Tried again. Second bid, $50 added free rebid zone (3 - Des Moines): came back denied w/ an offer if I upped offer by $12 to $62 I would be allowed to rebid. Nope, not doing it. Third bid, bid at $54, opened a new window, used free rebid zone (9 - Newcastle) + Airport: Again it came back with up your bid to $62 & we'll LET you rebid stuff. (Beginning to think Priceline's serious about this $62 business.) I'm stronger than them, not going to fall for their "offer." Opened yet another new window and bid another free rebid zone (15 - Seattle North) + Airport form y fourth bid at $58: Came back with, "Your Hotel Deal is in the Bag!" Won the Hilton Seattle Airport, 3 1/2* for $58. Very happy with the Hilton. I've always liked that property. (Really glad it wasn't the Holiday Inn.) Feeling relieved. I'm getting old and rusty at this since I don't travel anymore but I really couldn't let them to win at the battle of wills. Even if it went to $61 I would have been happy with my win, just would drive me crazy if I had to go all the way up to their counter of $62. Thanks BB, AinA (As always, all windows were opened via BetterBidding's PRICELINE link.)
  13. Just as an FYI, Vancouver, WA is typically connected to Portland, OR. AinA
  14. First bid, 3* $43. I noticed there's a 3.5* now for the Airport zone, selected that and the message said the main 3.5* rate was $119. (^.^) A little snooping and it looks like it might be the Hilton since it is listed on their regular site as a 3.5* and is $119. With a 3.5* at the Airport that gives 11 extra zones below 3.5* for rebids now compared to only 3 lower than the old 3*. I like the Hilton, but I have the kidlets so I was gunning for the DoubleTree. Gone are the days of bidding just to find out the new property! Whoops! Perhaps I got too excited since I had the three free rebids and started too low because I ended up with the Holiday Inn. (,_,) Yes, it's a great deal, yada, yada, yada but I have this mental block against the Holiday Inn, for some reason it grates on me. I'll only be there a few hours, it will be fine as always. It has always been okay and I am happy with the awesome deal. Maybe I'll take some pics and write a review and convince myself Holiday Inn is really a great place after all. Hey, I won't have to worry about schlepping two week's worth of luggage on that 3 mile hike to the Double Tree's pond view rooms. See! Already looking on the bright side! Used the sight, thanks for everything as always Better Bidding =(^.^)= AinA (Yes, the 11 y.o. helped write this... she can be thanked for the emoticon additions.)
  15. My sister had originally bid $160 for 3.5* with no success, she worked up to $180 and lowered the zone to 3* with both Anchorage zones and still no win. Did some research and found the Crowne Plaza on Hotwire for $208, available through normal booking channels for $239. Knowing the Crowne was going for 208 we set the zone to Anchorage S and added Wasilla for a free rebid and bid 3*/$190 and won the Crowne Plaza. (Now I am second guessing and wondering if we should have bid $185) She's happy though and I look like the hero, got a free beer and nachos for my efforts... thank you Better Bidding!!! (Used the PRICELINE link as always.) AinA
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