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  1. 4 star - Top Secret All-Inclusive Hotel in Los Cabos Travelocity Rating - 4* Traveler Rating - 4 :-) Los Cabos Area: The Corridor $257 lowest per night avg My guess is the Dreams hotel only because I saw a top secret Dreams Miami offer on this board... Any idea what this hotel is? Cheers!
  2. Easy PEEZY The reviews on Trip Adviser scare me though... Any recommendations for specific room numbers that are NICE? Traveling with a 1 yr. old...
  3. Using the PRICELINE link on this forum I won the Radisson LAX for $66/nt for 11/29/11. I tried over a few days and had Priceline make a counter offer of $72 on my first try of $55 today. It fell right in the middle. Ore
  4. S*%t - It seems I may have received the crap end of the deal... what do you think???? $95/nt + taxes + parking @ Paradise Point Resort & Spa (San Diego Coastal) for 9/23 - 9/25. I started at $85 and got this one at $95 three or four tries later. This place has SUCH mixed reviews. Any pointers to getting a nice room? Ore
  5. Colfax, thanks for the help. I have previously stayed at that Hyatt and in my opinion, it isn't worth more than $70/nt. It's a large scale motelish kind of place. It is my only concern in bidding that zone as there are SO MANY rooms in that hotel... Ore
  6. thereuare, I make a point of logging into this website to click the PRICELINE link every time I go to Priceline. I'm not sure how you see it on your end but I do make a point to support this site.
  7. Overall this hotel was acceptable for the price. I wouldn't bid more than $85 for this place. Its a Fairmont by name only. The grounds are not up to the level of the Fairmont I come to recognize around the world. The location is adjacent the airport as many people have mentioned and the drive to Balboa Island is only a ten minute ride or so - no problem! Room was nice and the hotel was accommodating to our request for a crib.
  8. I just wanted to chime in and say that this hotel was a fantastic deal. The location was UN-beatable. The room was clean and comfortable and just right by European standards. By US standards the room was small but we've been to Europe enough times to know how it is! Ore
  9. I grew the target area to include Downtown (Gaslamp area) and hit all the San Diego zones with a 4* approach and bid from $65 to $81 and got no results. To answer your question, I want my hotel to be free. I know that won't happen so my next response is AS LOW AS POSSIBLE! A question for you - Is it LESS or MORE likely that inventory at lower rates will open up closer to my desired dates? I guess my real MAX BET will be $95+taxes I bid $94 on the iPhone app and didn't win for the 4* San Diego Coastal zone but I did get a re-bid opportunity at $116 (I didn't continue). This is a great game! Ore
  10. San Diego Coastal - 4* Coronado as a slight second choice - 4*
  11. I will try again tomorrow. Any pointers? HOTEL, STARS, BID PRICE Coronado 4 $75.00 Del Mar 3.5 $66.00 Downtown 5 NO BID El Cajon 3 $68.00 Escondido 3 $70.00 Hillcrest 2.5 $72.00 Hotel Circle 3.5 $74.00 La Mesa 3 $76.00 Miramar 3 $78.00 Mission Valley 3 $80.00 National City 3 $82.00 North County 3.5 $84.00 Point Loma 3 $86.00 Rancho Bernardo 3.5 $88.00 San Diego Coastal 4 $60.00 San Ysidro 2.5 $62.00 Sorrento 3 $64.00
  12. After a second day of trying, I won the Fairmont Newport Beach. I'll be honest, it is more than I wanted to spend but I had an itch to beat the system... Day 1&2 Bidding Breakdown: Area Stars Day 1 Day 2 Anaheim Hills 3 $61.00 $67.00 Buena Park 3.5 $62.00 $69.00 Costa Mesa 4 Dana Point 3.5 $63.00 $71.00 Disney 01 3.5 $64.00 $73.00 Disney 02 4 Fullerton 3.5 $65.00 $75.00 Irvine 3.5 $66.00 $77.00 Laguna Beach 3 $67.00 $79.00 Newport Beach 4 $60.00 $65.00 Seal Beach 3 $68.00 $81.00
  13. I scored the Andaz San Diego on Priceline following your PRICELINE link! $69 for Saturday, Oct. 23rd, 2010. Tried 5* in zone 3 first @ $60 then 5* + 4* in zone 3 @ $65 then 5* + 4* in zone 3 and zone15 @ $67 and finally 5* + 4* in zone 3, zone 15 and zone 16 @ $69 and thats a winner! Ore
  14. YD - I am in no rush to close - I'd like to get the best bang for my buck so I want to stay under $50 for the 3.5* option. I see that it is possible. I will wait it out and try every few days. What do you think?
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