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  1. Hey there, No luck for 5/14 up to 115. Only thing I see now on hotwire is a 3.5* customer favorite in the Pike Place/DT area for 108. Ameneties are rest, fitness ctr,high speed internet and business ctr. Any ideas on this one?
  2. Hey thereuare, You helped me on bidding on my trip to New York a couple months ago. Although I was'nt sucsessful through the site it was fun trying. Anyways I live in Seattle and my wife and I are going to a play downtown on 05/14 so I 'm looking for a strategy for a 4* in the DT/Pike Place area so we can do some bar hopping before and aft and just stay downtown. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanx.
  3. Hey there, I actually do have a fully refundable room reserved at the Belvedere that just became available today at 160. Even though it's star rating is less than I was looking for, it has gotten great reviews and was in the range i was looking for when I started planning this trip weeks ago, but it had no rooms available for my dates on any site I checked.( And I checked numerous sites daily before I decided to try priceline.) So I guess my decision is whether I want to try to bid a 4* again even though I already struck out at 170, or just be satisfied with what I have since it sounds like it will work out for my son and I.
  4. Hey there, Tried the strategy with no luck up to 170. Any suggestions or anything you know of. I just dont want to go below a 4*. Can up bid if necessary or use hotwire if there something decent. Appreciate all your help.
  5. After more thought we have agreed that that the heart of Times Square is probably not what we need. Would be nice to get away from crowds if we want. Easy access to transportation is a key as we have a day at Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium and one day we'll be out of town. The rest of our trip will be doing more of the normal attractions,(St. of Lib., ESB, area around Rockefellar Ctr., Central Park, etc- no theatres or museums most likely. I don't think we can go wrong with the MTE, MTW or UM/UCP areas and don't see that one has an advantage over the other as we're expecting to cover a lot of ground in 6 1/2 days. As for cost I am flexible but definitely want a 4* and can go into the 175.+ range if necessary, of course would love to get away as cheap as possible. We do want to stay in a nice place, whether we spend much time in it or not. I want it to be a great time for my son. Thank you so much for your help. I've already spread the word of your site to friends and co-workers.
  6. Will be in NY April 10 -17 with my 16 yr old son. Our adventures will take us in many directions but thought it might be fun to be in Times square area, but am really open. My budget will allow up to around 200 a night if need be so what can I expect and what strategy or site would you suggest.. PS..........Awesome site here. :)
  7. I'm thinking of going with Hotwire or Priceline for trip to N.Y. in early April but dont know which way to go. I'm willing to pay the 3.5-4* price but wonder what to expect. Thinking of Times Square since it may be my first and only trip to NY but have heard a lot of good things about Upper West Side. Will be with my 16 yr old son but think it may be fun to be right down in the action of Times Square. Any suggestions?
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