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  1. DONE! Kept watching HOTWIRE, this came up again and let me book 2 rooms: Business center Fitness center Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Free Internet Club Quarters, Midtown $145/night Price was $145/night + tax, I used the BETTERB5 Hotwire Coupon and saved another 5% Deal was fine with traveling companions - everyone is happy, thank you!
  2. The Mansfield guess would have been fine, but Hotwire says there is not enough inventory to allow me to book 2 rooms. The MTE Even guess has a resort fee, so the final price is a bit higher than advertised. Reviews of the Rockefeller Center guess for CQ opposite Rockcenter states that if you are booking through Hotwire expect a small dark, dingy, renovated room - I realize you get what you get when bidding or buying an opaque property, but I don't want to knowingly pay almost $900 for old & dingy. Thank you for your help, and quick response, I think I will have to keep looking.
  3. Last question, I need to book this in the next few hours so I will be picking SOMETHING 🙂 Priceline Express 3* Rockefeller Center - Bryant Park $150 Bed Choice Business Center Fitness Center Non Smoking Restaurant Any guesses? Club Quarters, Times Square - Midtown?? I have to say, it was a lot easier to book/bid a hotel before NYC decided to charge resort fees! Thanks for your help, I'll be bidding/buying through the link here
  4. ahhh got it! And I just noticed the amenities don't perfectly match the Hilton. Thank you, I'll consult with our travel partners and keep you posted.
  5. Thank you! The other couple we are traveling with have decided against the possibility of CQ Times Sq. So we can eliminate that. Do you think the 4* Grand Central Hotel could also be the The Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza? I'm hesitating to select it because the Hotel Boutique Grand Central express deal has always included the words "You have stayed here before" and this one does not. Thanks for your help, I appreciate your time.
  6. 4* Grand Central Terminal - UN Area $168 (when you click on it it drops to $163) Bed Choice Business Center Fitness Center Non Smoking Restaurant Guest rating 8+ Yes, again, I do intend to purchase through the links here,
  7. Thereuare, Yes, the Club Quarters Midtown would be of interest, can you provide the link where you saw it? I THINK I might also be seeing the Club Quartets Grand Central, but in the past the express deal has always stated "You stayed here before" and this one does not, so I'm having my doubts. Thank you.
  8. Hi looking at a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal through the link on this forum for: August 10-15, 2018 NYC - Chelsea 4* $158/night Bed Choice, Business Center, Fitness Center, Non Smoking 8+ guest rating (I'll be booking 2 rooms) Any guess as to what it may be? This wasn't the zone I've been looking at, but it would work; I've been watching for a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for either the Hotel Boutique Grand Central or Club Quarters Grand Central - I can usually spot both of those hotels from descriptions but I have been seeing either for our dates. This deal in Chelsea looked like a good price at a good guest rating. Thank in advance, I will book here
  9. This the last night of my stay was causing this booking to go over budget. I shortened my trip by 1 night and through the links on this forum booked a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for the Embassy Suites By Hilton New York Midtown Manhattan. Empire state building area, 3.5 stars May 17 - 20, 2018 $576.00 Taxes & fees:$143.97 Betterbidding Priceline Coupon:- $28.80 Total charged:$691.17 Amenities: Business Center Complimentary Buffet Breakfast Fitness Center Non-smoking Rooms Hotel, room, and staff were excellent. Hot breakfast including cooked to order omelettes, etc was a welcomed extra, as was the nightly happy hour with complimentary wine & beer. Thank you for your help!
  10. Thank you! I thought it might be the Shorham, but the "airport shuttle" amenity threw me. Either of the above hotels & locations would work. I might try traditional bidding using the PRICELINE links on the board for the 3.5 CPS to see if I can get the price down slightly, I would really like to try to keep this under $800. Previous thread from January 2017 has been closed.
  11. Plans changed and we did not book. Thank you for your help!
  12. Looking for help identifying a Priceline express deal for May 19-23: Central Park South $188, drops to $183 when I click on it Rated 7 out of 10 Business Center Restaurant Airport Shuttle Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Bed choice is not listed as an amenity, but is an option at check out. I may need more help with this booking. Dates firm as I am traveling on business. Open to Midtown East, Midtown West, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center/Bryant Park, Madison Sq., Empire State Building, Chelsea, and Central Park South. Times Square not a favorite, but considering the rates during this week I probably can't be too picky. Star level 3 and above, would like to avoid resort fees, and the New Yorker in MSG. Might not be possible but would like to keep the "all in" budget (room, taxes and fees) under $800 for the 4 nights. So far this Express Deal (using the MAY18BB Priceline Coupon code) is as close as I can get. Will do all my bidding/buying via the links on the forum as I always do. Thanks!
  13. Yes, this property is of interest, thanks for helping to ID it. I booked 2 rooms through the PRICELINE link you supplied and used the BB 5% discount. We've stayed here before and I'm very pleased with the hotel and the price. Thank you! Amentieis: Fitness Center, Non Smoking, Restaurant and bed choice PRICELINE EXPRESS user rating 8+
  14. Plan to use Priceline Express via this site's PRICELINE links and the BB discount for my purchase. 4 Star NYC, GCT-UN August 17-22, 2017 $126 (save 22%) Very good 8+ Amenities: Bed choice, business center, fitness center, non smoking, restaurant. When I clicked on "Choose" the bed choices were: Standard Queen Bed Desk Free Wifi Bottled Water $126/night, or Superior Room With Kitchenette Queen Bed Wifi $145/night, or One Room Suite With Kitchenette Q Bed And Sofa Do you think this might be Hotel Boutique Grand Central or Club Quarters Grand Central (same building) ? Thanks in advance
  15. Hello, I decided against this particular property and as I said I will use your links if I pursue the trip. Thanks!