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  1. I was able to get this hotel for $73 bid. After tax/fees is was $94. Think I used the link from your website because I saw the promo code for express deals. Started at $65 using French quarter, then downtown $70 and won adding 4 star Convention center.
  2. Started at $90 and rebid different areas till I hit $100 and didn't get anything bidding for 4 straight days. On the 5th day of trying I went up to $109 and was accepted.
  3. That's a great list!!!! Thanks for taking the time to put that online!
  4. Used the prineline link and scored the Venetian 10/16-10/18 for $100 per night. Was looking to get Aria for $96 like someone else did but very happy with Venetian. I was unsuccessful the 1st night starting at $65 and doing rebids up to $96. I had a couple of days to continue to try so I stopped after $96 was rejected. The next night I started at $75 and rebid till I won at $100. Thanks for this website! I didn't want Trump and saw on your descriptions that Trump with the 5 star condo....
  5. I really was just looking for a quick trip with my wife. We have off Monday night through Friday and thought DC would be a good trip. Really didn't want to spend over $150 per night.....
  6. Prices seem higher than expected. Is it because of the summer and families traveling? Or is there something elso going on this week like big conventions etc.?
  7. I also won a bid there for June 17th through PRICELINE. I can't remember if I did the PRICELINE link though. I was rejected at $45, $50, $55. Then at $55 it said to raise $13 and I did to be done with it. It thought it was good deal. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $68.00 Subtotal: $68.00 Taxes & Fees: $16.57 Total Charges*: $84.57
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