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  1. Holiday Inn Bellingham 4260 Mitchell Way, Bellingham, WA 98226. Note that this is not the Holiday Inn Express. There was also a 10% PRICELINE EXPRESS deal as well this weekend.
  2. Started bidding at $80, went up in $5 increments by adding zones with a win at $110. Best price on Kayak was $269. I did use the Priceline link. Thanks for help in bidding as always!
  3. I tried doing Name Your own Price for 2.5* up to $85 and did not get a win. I realized there was a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for $80 in Seattle Center and received the Quality Inn & Suites. The amenities listed prior to accepting were Fitness Center / Free Internet / Free Breakfast. I did use the Better Bidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. Thanks!
  4. Bid from $130 up to $175 for 3.5*+ including Downtown-Pioneer Square Area until I received this. Hotel is listing for $240 so a decent find but not a slam dunk.
  5. Beautiful hotel, very clean and modern and friendly staff.
  6. Tried bidding 145, 155, then $160 which was successful. Thank you for your awesome site, very helpful! I did use your Priceline link :)
  7. Bid over two 24 hour periods at 3*, $50, $55, $60, $65. I did use the PRICELINE link :) Normal rate was $133, thanks Better Bidding!
  8. Got this 4* hotel on the first try for $70! I thought that was a lowball offer, wish I would have started lower but am very pleased! Cheapest rate on Kayak was $160. Very much appreciated help from this site as usual!
  9. I kept bidding the Arlington and Foggy Bottom 4* zones up to 105 without any luck. I added Dupont Circle and got this this hotel. Cheapest price on Kayak was $259/night and the location looks great!
  10. Yes my mistake, there, it is 4*. I extended for one additional day to 3/12 for the same price as well.
  11. I had tried bidding in the 130s in SoMA, Financial District, and Fisherman's Wharf and finally got a bite at 136 in US-E. The win isn't spectacular but I am happy with the savings compared to traditional booking considering the short notice. I did use the BetterBidding PRICELINE links. This website is an awesome resource!
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