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  1. Started with 3.5 in area 1 for $65. Rejected. Added 3* at $66. rejected. Added Area 2 and $68. Accepted. $86.28 with tt&l Songsmithm
  2. 1st try. Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link of course. $106.74 inc tt&l This is a great hotel and a decent price. songsmithm
  3. Started at $38/night. Declined, but offered to raise price $6 to $44. Declined Added Nashville Airport East and raised to $39. Got it! All in. $100.32 for 2 nights.
  4. Trying to get close to Warrenton. Bid Manassas $55. Countered with $75. So I added Fairfax area at $59 hoping i'd maybe get Mannassas.(Someone won at $55 recently). Bid was accepted. $72.81 w/ ttl. Regards, Songsmithm
  5. First Try. $51 bid. $64.09 including ttl Used the PRICELINE link. Regards, Songsmithm
  6. first bid: $51 accepted With TTL totaled: $460.96 for 4 rooms/2 nights GREAT Hotel. We've stayed here before! Used the PRICELINE link of course. Thanks, Songsmithm
  7. 3 nights 4-2 through 4-5 bid for a 4* at $62. they countered at a $12nt increase. I rejected Lowered to 3.5* at $66/nt. bid Accepted. total was $240.84 with ttl. Used PRICELINE link on BB as always? songsmithm
  8. $55 bid. Total was $136.76 for 2 nights. Was trying to win the historic St Anthony. But got this instead(1st bid). Used the PRICELINE link from BB. Great Location(right on the Riverwalk). my room was a handicap, but had a balcony overlooking the river. Not bad for $55/night. Parking $18/nt come and go. Tried to extend before booking but they were sold out Wed night. I recommend. JM
  9. Got it on the 1st try. As always, used the PRICELINE link on BB. This hotel is AWESOME. Perfect location(Literally next door to the Alamo). Very well done. Staff is very totally on their game! Parking is a little high. you can self park (Central Parking) or Valet($30/day) Be sure to check out Oro happy hour. Cheap drinks and apps. try the ceviche. really good. out the door for $181.70 JM
  10. got it on the first bid. Of course using the PRICELINE link from BB. Came out to 147.62 with TTL.
  11. Won 1st bid, $27 ea room on a 2 star in Augusta,GA (Augusta West). Used the PRICELINE link. Used BB to come up with bid amount. Hotel was nice. Good breakfast. Staff was great. Thanks, JM
  12. Bid $47 on 3* or higher................. rejected(BWI-Airport) Bid $52 on 2.5 or higher............accepted 3* Four Points by Sheraton- BWI airport Used the PRICELINE link from BB.com :)
  13. bid $42 for 2 rooms 8/17/2011 1 night in Harrisburg-East.............Regected bid $48 for 2 rooms 8/17/2011 1 night in Harrisburg........Regected bid $51 for 2 Rooms 8/17/2011 1 night in Harrisburg-West.........Accepted $121.38 with TTL Used the PRICELINE link Thanks, songsmithm
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