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  1. Did a last minute booking. Total $93 at checkout. Hope this will help for future reference.
  2. $42 first bidding and won. However, this hotel charges $8/night for "hotel fee". Don't know if this "fee" is charged on all hotels in Rapid City... Total including tax and hotel fee came out to be $53 for one night. Used BB's Priceline link to bid. Thanks, BB.
  3. Used BB's Priceline link for bookinging. 1st try of $44 was not successful, and was adviced to increase my bid to $52 for an "immediate success"... I rebidded at $45 and grabbed the deal. Total $59 with tax.
  4. Though this is a good price for the hotel, the hotel itself may not be a good choice for any international traveler. The hotel is located at the domestic terminal, NOT the international one. Thus, travelling to and fro takes 10+ minutes by shuttle. The hotel does provide shuttle service, but it's NOT free. So beware.
  5. Used BB's [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. $39 1st bidding attempt and won. $51 total for 1 night, including tax and fee. Hotel is currently under construction (or near finish) though, so it may be noisy...
  6. Used the BB PRICELINE bidding link to bid on a Madison, WI hotel. 3.5-star downtown won for $45 on the first try...
  7. First I used BB's PRICELINE link. After researching BB's hotel list and recent bidding history, I entered $60 and won on first try. Price may have been lower then... Thank you to all fellow BB'ers.
  8. Thank you BB and fellow posters. I used your previous successful bid and BB's PRICELINE link to bid a 3.5* hotel near Milwaukee. My initial $45/night bid for Brookfield was successful. This bidding price was the same as that from a previous successful bidding post back in February. Thanks BB. Here's the hotel review: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g59733-d219711-Reviews-Sheraton_Milwaukee_Brookfield_Hotel-Brookfield_Wisconsin.html
  9. Used the BB PRICELINE link to book a 2* hotel near Schaumburg. My initial $35 a night wouldn't take, so I added Arlington Heights and changed to $36 and won. Thanks BB for your hotel lists, but this hotel seems not to be on your list. Please add if desire.
  10. I'm glad I came across this website. You help me a lot on my much needed last-minute bidding. Due to family emergency, we have to book a hotel near Chicago for TOMORROW night. I came to betterbidding.com first, and was able to gather information to make a successful bidding. Knowing somebody had success with $55/nt, I started with $54. I was accepted right away. Thank you all folks!
  11. Tried all regions except downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul for 2.5* for $35 and got rejected. Tried 2* for $30 and got this. Thanks BetterBidding
  12. Yes, you're correct. I thought I was only bidding the north zone...apparently it was the south. Sorry about that.
  13. Thanks for the info. I bid $43 and $44...close but no cigar. Had to go up to $45. The only bad thing I see is that it doesn't have free in-room wifi like other Sheratons... Used BB PRICELINE link as well. JJ
  14. Tried $35 a week ago rejected. Tried again yesterday with $33 rejected, and $34 today accepted. Thanks for the info on this website. :)
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