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  1. I needed another night to add onto my existing reservation. Add another night feature for the 4* Sheraton Centre wanted $77 (more than my existing $65). I bid for 4* at $55 and $60 with no success. Bid 3* at $45, then won at $48.
  2. Won the Sheraton Centre. Started with $50 and went up $3 increments until winning bid of $65.
  3. How high would I have to go for either 5* or 4* on the Strip? Thanks for the advice!
  4. Hi - I need two night in Vegas next weekend, checking in 9/3 and checking out 9/5. I have a cancellable backup at the Hilton for $139 for the Saturday night and $79 for the Sunday night. Any thoughts on better deals closer to the Strip? I've tried Priceline for the Venetian up to $120 for even the Sunday night alone with no success....
  5. I needed another night, I had gotten 7/30 at $39 previously on my first bid. This time I tried $34, rebid $37 then accepted at $39, so I'm guessing it's the lowest price. I'm glad I got the same hotel. Anyone with experience with two different priceline bookings at the same hotel over two nights. Will I need to check-in and out?
  6. I think I'm close to my max bid on the 4* given what I have as a backup. Just wanted to know if there was anything I was missing. Thanks.
  7. Hi - I have a cancellable backup (by tomorrow) at the Hilton for $95 a night. Would like to upgrade, and have tried 4* on the Strip up to $122 with no success. Any other thoughts? Thanks.
  8. Got it on my first bid. I guess I overbid a little. I'm still happy with the rate.
  9. Won the 5* hotel on the first bid for the sunday night (3/27) at $99...
  10. I've got a question about the VISA promotion. How can I take advantage of it through the website? Can I combine this with the $149 promotion that they are currently running? Thanks
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