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  1. Started at $141 and went up in $5 increments till I hit at $166. Total with taxes etc $409.10. Great hotel, right on Park Lane, sweet deal for me and brownie points earned with Mrs Pirate!
  2. Pretty straightforward this one. Opened at $96, got a counter to add 25, went up in $1 increments and hit at $99. Best price on the Hyatt web was $228.65 + tax per night. A useful saving and this was the property I was hoping for in this zone, so I'm happy. That's my entire trip booked now, and I calculate I'm just shy of $2,000 in front of retail for the 28 days. So its job done and down to the pub for a couple or three pre-weekend pints. Theruare I still can't ever get the PRICELINE link to work on my computer. No matter, I have sent you a thank you donation via your Pay Pal A/c. Thanks to all posters for their invaluable help, :) Pirate
  3. After suddenly winning Loews in Tucson (see my winning priceline bid) it occurred to me that maybe Loews had just released a batch of rooms to Priceline so I decided to have a try for the San Diego leg of my trip. Opened at $95 and at 99 got a counter to add $25. Jumped to 107 and then used multiple rebids to go up in increments of $1, each time getting a counter to add $25. Last rejection was 114 so 115 is right on the money at the moment. Best retail on Loews web was $229 plus tax so I'm more than pleased, especially so far in advance. Just Los Angeles to sort now and thats my whole trip sorted. :) Pirate
  4. Bid this up to $89 a couple of weeks ago without so much as a counter offer. Slow morning in the office so decided to give it a run. Opened at $75 and struck straight away. 4 nights at 75 plus 58.96 taxes etc = $358.96. Best rate available from Loews was 192 + tax, pre paid an uncancelable, = $868.24. Beats working for a living! :) Pirate
  5. Another tricky small town market with no re-bids. Started at $51 and got a counter to add 10. Waited 24hrs and bid $63, counter is now, add 15! Continued to wait and bid, going through $66 and then by $1 increments. Each time the counter was "add 15". Finally struck at $60. I'm happy, property looks OK, newish and quite well reviewed. Best available price was $85 pre-paid, so saved 30%. Just a heads up to anyone using Hotwire in Yuma. I am almost sure I was offered this hotel on Hotwire @ $68. Now listed as 2.5* and ameneties: Smoke Free, Shuttle, Laundry, Breakfast, Pool, Fitness, Business, Internet. :) Pirate
  6. Hi Yellowdog, There were no ameneties listed, that is what I meant by "Hotwire did their we are still gathering information thing". I went in totally blind, but the deal looked kosher, I'm certainly OK with it, no complaints! For what its worth Ramada had a little summary box on their own website for the property which listed the following: Shuttle, Business, Free Breakfast, Internet, Pool, Fitness, Meetings/Banquet, Pets. I'm not sure if those last two are relevant to Hotwire anyway, you may want to edit this if they are not. Hope that is some help, Pirate
  7. No information at all for Alpine and its an expensive town in the spring! Options at retail were Hampton at 119 or holland Hotel at 109 plus breakfast. Nothing on PRICELINE so I had a look at HOTWIRE; they offered 2.5* at $79, but did their "we are still gathering information on this property" thing. I figured that this was to preserve opacity, there's only one 2.5* in town, The Hampton. WRONG! they rate the Ramada as 2.5* somehow. I'm not too bothered really, I've only saved about $5 net on their retail, but the reviews are very positive. Went through the link on this site. :) Pirate
  8. Started bidding for 3.5* at $49, went up by $1 increments to $56, nothing. Then 3* at $41 to $48, nothing. Finally tried 2.5*, no rebid so just went in at $44 and got it first time. I'm very pleased with this one as the H I Express was one of my prefered hotels downtown anyway and was almost certainly offered on Hotwire at $56! (3* Breakfast, Pool, Golf) Best available retail was $74 plus tax, so a useful saving as well. :) Pirate
  9. Won this first bid, which always make me think I could have got it cheaper, and the reviews aren't too special either, but hey its only one night. Best retail was $76.50 plus tax, so at least I've saved a few bucks. :) Pirate
  10. Another town without much history. Over two days I bid 2.5* $51, $56. Then 2* $56 countered $71, rebid $61. Next day 2.5* $62 countered $77, $63. 2* $64 countered $79, Finally $65 Bingo. Fairfield looks OK and the best retail I could find was $100 plus tax, so a useful saving! :) Pirate
  11. Nothing much to go on here. Tried $52 for 2.5*, added 2* and rebid $53, won the Best Western. Best retail I could find was $67.50 plus tax, so only a modest saving. Tripadvisor rates it OK so I'm happy enough. :) Pirate
  12. I don't often use Hotwire, prefering Priceline most of the time, but $79 for 5* is NOT going to be beaten anywhere! Total for 2 nights including taxes etc $191.40 Ameneties were: Spa, Resort, Studio, Smoke Free, Fitbess, Pool, Restaurant, Internet, Kitchenette, and Condo. So as expected. Thanks, as always, Pirate
  13. Opened at $123 (see bid below) and hit first time. 4 nights at $123 plus $68.97 taxes etc = $560.97. Again best rate available from Marriott direct was $269, tax paid, so happy bunny! :) Pirate
  14. Opened at $115 and was countered to add the usual $22. Waited 24hrs and bid $123, rejected. Waited 24hrs and bid $128, accepted. 2 nights at $128 plus fees etc $37.94 = $293.94 total. More a 4 1/2* than a true 5* but the best rate I could get was $269 per night, tax paid, so I'm very happy! :) Pirate
  15. Had bid up to $128 for a 5* with no joy at all. Not prepared to go any higher because I could get the Stamford retail for $168, tax paid. Tried 4* at $100 and got a counter to add $22. Waited 24hrs and bid $105, rejected and countered at $127! Waited 24hrs and bid $111, accepted. 3 nights at $111 plus fees etc $48.33 = $381.33 This is the Mercure on Spring Street, not the Grand Mercure. A new 4* for the list and not one I would have chosen, great location, but possibly closer to 3 1/2* than 4*. Will post a report in due course. :) Pirate
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