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  1. Hi there. We're looking to stay for 2 nights in the Downtown area of Portland, Oregon and Hotwire came back with this: 3-star Hotel in Northwest Portland - Pearl District area Thu, Sep 07 - Sat, Sep 09 1 Room, 2 Adults 90% recommended Favorite! (98 reviews) $181 per night Free breakfast Free Internet Free parking Amenities Business center Fitness center Self-service laundry Smoke-free rooms While usually we prefer staying in 3.5 or above hotels, Portland is generally an expensive city and very few hotels offer Free Parking. Anyone have any thoughts which hotel this might be? stu
  2. Hotwire had a 3.5* @ $58 so..... 1. Crystal City - 3.5 - $41 No -----> "add $15 to your bid right now and....." 2. Added Capitol Hill South - $46. No 3. Added Alexandria West. - $49 YES Sheraton Crystal City Hotel w/taxes and fees: $63.65
  3. Since I went through the motions, I thought I'd share a failing bid . . . Need three rooms for a Saturday night in Ann Arbor. (There are three of us . . . 2 can share a room but one need own room . . .sometime it's easier/cheaper to just bid on three single rooms.) 1. 3.5* South $40 NO 2. Add North (doesn't have 3.5*) $44 NO 3. Add 3* $40 NO 4. Add West (no 3/3.5 hotels) $44 NO The reason I lowballed the bids, by the way, is that the Priceline fees start adding up after $45 or so. With all the taxes, we'd be looking at almost $180 and I think I can probably Hotwire 2 rooms for that much, including the possible charge for making sure one of the rooms has two beds. (It's been my experience that most hotels will let you change to a 2-bed room with Hotwire reservations, though not all the time, but I've had some problems with that with Priceline reservations . . . not sure why.) stu
  4. In the middle of re-trying, which I'll get to in a second, a $66/night price show up on Google Search for hotels with the Country Inn/Suites at PDX . . . hit to book and it shifted to $72, still lower than anywhere else. Feeling about done with all this . . . $80/night is more than I want to spend but at least I know the hotel. Hit to book . . . sold out! Every other site shows the hotel sold out too. All right . . one more round of bidding. (Actually, two rounds but both were pretty much what I'm typing below.) PDX 3* $49 ADD Vancouver and 3.5 $53 ADD North Harbor at $56 ADD Convention Center @ $62 ADD North Vancouver (only goes to 2.5*) @ $65 No luck. stu
  5. Yeah, but we REALLY don't want to go above $50. We'll push to $60 if we have to. One of my favorite hotels, the Staybridge Suites in Vancouver, has a 2-bedroom suite for $160 but, when you add the taxes, it's still over $90/night each. I'm going to take a stab at the 3* on Priceline, see what happens. There are a couple of 3* hotels in the Convention Center area and in Vancouver that I'd rather not get so I'm a little more limited. Part of it might be the two rooms thing too . .. we'll see and I'll update it here. stu
  6. Thought I'd share a failed bid. Not sure if I was low-balling it too much or if it was trying for 2 rooms. I'll go back on later and try again. One note . . . there are a couple of 3* hotels in the area that I was trying to avoid. That's why I didn't move down where, price wise, I might have more success. Here's the info: Dates: TOMORROW (May 18-19) Location: Portland Airport ('cause I want free parking and the 3.5* hotels there mostly have it.) Bids: 1. Bid 3.5 at PDX NO @ $50 2. Add North Harbor/Jantzen (3* max) NO @ $50 3. Add Vancouver, lower price NO @ $48 4. Add North Vancouver: 2.5* Max - raise price a bit NO @ $53 5. Add NW Portland: 3* max NO @ $59 6. Add Clackamas: 3* max NO @ $62 Probably will start all over again with 3* at airport but then I can really only add North Vancouver. stu
  7. $71/night + $32.62 in tax & fees: $174.62 ($87.31/night) Staybridge Suites 7301 Ne 41st Street Vancouver, WA, 98662 We were looking for a hotel in a pretty specific location, for an upcoming family function. Hotwire had a couple of 3* listings in the "Vancouver" area but only one had "100% people recommend" and a 4.5* Tripadvisor rating. A bit of exploring made it pretty clear that it was the Staybridge Suites, which would be great . . . great reviews and free breakfast/internet. The only other possibilities would have been Homewood Suites, great but actually a tiny bit out of the "zone", and the Residence Inn. which doesn't match up exactly. Made the reservation for 3 adults so that we were sure to get 2 beds. (Had a run-in with a hotel on the East Coast a couple of weeks back that said they only had 1-bed rooms for Hotwire reservations.) I'm sure we could have gotten something cheaper -- probably could have saves $15-$20 a night -- but really wanted this hotel. Placed the order . . got the Staybridge Suites. Pretty happy all in all. stu SOME DETAILS: Searched for Vancouver, BC - Selected only "Vancouver 6.5 mi" Region 3* Hotel Trip Advisor Traveler Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 (based on 66 reviews) 100% Hotwire Customers Recommend Amenities Listed Free Parking Laundry Facilities (self-service) Free Breakfast High-Speed Internet Access Fitness Center Kitchenette Pool(s) Business Center Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower BTW - I know that Vancouver is in the "Portland" search zones but Portland is also in the "Vancouver" search zones. My preference is to post in the actual state forum
  8. Hotwire was showing a 3* at $54 and it looked like the Phoenix which is really no more than a 2.5* and has had some mixed reviews. I bid Priceline at $48 and got the "we found a hotel that would take $57 if you'd like to rebid right now" thing. I figured it would either be the Residence Inn or Red Lion so I took it. It was the Red Lion which is all right . . not the Residence Inn but better than the Hotwire choice. I think the total with taxes/fees was $70.
  9. Needed a room in this particular region. Went to PRICELINE (through Betterbidding, of course) and bid $43 on a 3 star. That was rejected so I added Benicia (which doesn't have a 3*) and raised my bid to $49 . . rejected. At that point, I didn't want to take a chance with a different region on PRICELINE, and the price would have been the same, so I took the HOTWIRE hotel. Price with taxes for all three rooms, $202.49.
  10. $75.54 per room per night including taxes Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby I have to say I was a bit surprised . . I was watching this for a few days and was expecting the Hilton Sonoma County. To be honest, for $60 my greatest fear was that they would charge for parking . . . they don't. I'll report back after the stay. stu
  11. At first I though maybe a hotel gained a star or lost a star but . . . Searched for 3/3.5* hotel for 12/13-12/15 Greater Downtown Denver area hotel Suite, Boutique, Fitness, Smoke Free Rooms, Restaurant(s), Business Center, Hi-Speed Internet, Kitchenette Any thoughts? We're trying to find rooms but are hoping to score something that might have free or discounted parking. (That's the problem with all the 4-star hotels in particular.) stu
  12. This took a while and, actually, is a continuation of another session -- we needed two different nights -- but here's how the overall bidding went. First Session: 3/31/11 $40 4* DTW only REJECTED $45 4* Add Taylor REJECTED (Taylor only has 2* hotels) $35 Add 3.5* REJECTED Second Session: 4/3/11 $45 4* DTW only REJECTED $40 3.5* DTW only REJECTED $45 3.5* Add Taylor REJECTED Third Session: 4/7/11 $48 4* DTW only REJECTED $45 3.5* DTW only REJECTED $49 3.5* Add Taylor REJECTED Fourth (final) session: 4/9/11 $56 4* DTW only REJECTED (Got Priceline offer to rebid if I raise to $71 . . that was too high for me) $56 3.5* DTW only REJECTED $58 3.5* Add Taylor ACCEPTED w/4* property 4* Propoert - Westin Detroit Metro Airport Works for us!
  13. I've also posted this priceline win separately, since it was a different session, but wanted to follow up on the first post: Went back, on April 7th, to try bidding on that first night again. Here's how it went: $48 4* DTW only REJECTED $45 3.5* DTW only REJECTED $49 3.5* Add Taylor REJECTED Went back today to try at a higher rate . . . since it's a Friday night we want and it's two rooms. This time, we got it . . .here's how the bidding went: $56 4* DTW only REJECTED (Got Priceline offer to rebid if I raise to $71 . . that was too high for me) $56 3.5* DTW only REJECTED $58 3.5* Add Taylor ACCEPTED w/4* property Westin Detroit Metro Airport stu
  14. We actually need rooms for two different night, non-consecutive. The bidding process took a little while . . here's how it went: First Session: 3/31/11 Bidding on Friday, April 29th: $40 4* DTW only REJECTED $45 4* Add Taylor REJECTED (Taylor only has 2* hotels) $45 4* Change Night to Sunday, May 1st REJECTED $35 Add 3.5* Back to First Night REJECTED Tried to move back to second night, with the 3.5* category selected but Priceline was calling it the same session. Second Session: 4/3/11 Bidding on Friday, April 29th: $45 4* DTW only REJECTED $40 3.5* DTW only REJECTED $45 3.5* Add Taylor REJECTED -- opened new session in different browser, just in case -- Now bidding on the Sunday Night: $48 4* DTW Only - Sunday Night REJECTED $51 4* Add Taylor - Sunday Night REJECTED $48 3.5* - Sunday Night ACCEPTED EMBASSY SUITES Embassy Suites will be just fine for us . . plus, don't they have that breakfast buffet? I'll go back to try the Friday bidding again in a few days . . . might have to go a bit higher for the 3.5* Of course, we went to PRICELINE via Betterbidding.com . . . love this site!
  15. Knarfie, Just wanted to let you know that we got the Renaissance, with a Priceline bid of around $80, just last week. The hotel was WONDERFUL. It's been completely remodeled, we stayed on the 21st floor, city side, and it was silent up there! The staff were really nice, didn't care we were priceline, and I think you'll be pleasantly pleased. We called ahead and asked for a quiet room, asked again when we checked in, and they said no problem. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, stu
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