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  1. Began bidding for 4.5 star in DOWNTOWN-RIVER NORTH, DOWNTOWN-MILLENIUM PARK, and MAG MILE-GOLD COAST at $90. Increased by $5 up to winning bid of $115. PRICELINE EXPRESS deal showed a 4.5* Downtown-River North offering at $122. My guess is that this was the Westin that I won at $115. On the Express Deal description page, it showed the following: PETS ALLOWED BUSINESS CENTER RESTAURANT FREE INTERNET FITNESS CENTER NON SMOKING Hope that helps someone.
  2. Messed around bidding, but even $155 per night was rejected, so I just went to PRICELINE EXPRESS. NOTE TO ADMINISTRATORS: You need to update your geographical areas for Priceline - it seems that they have moved some borders and have created new/different areas around Michigan Ave, River North, Millennium Park. ALSO: The Fairmont is not listed as one of the potential 4.5* hotels.
  3. I was looking for a friend, traveling down from Milwuakee as thier daughter is sailing in the America's Cup - Bluesfest only adds to the crowds! Now I understand. Thanks everyone.
  4. From preliminary looks, this weekend seems VERY EXPENSIVE! Does anyone know why? Is there a large event in Chicago this weekend? Looking for a hotel in MAG MILE/GOLD COAST or in MILLENNIUM PARK. May also consider RIVER NORTH. Usually look at 4*+ for best deal, but those are indicating $300+ per night. So dropping to 3.5*, and maybe 3? Bid $50 per night (yes, that's ridiculously low) just to see what happens and then hopped over to the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals. All were VERY high, but I'm seeing the following Express Deals: $202 - 3* River North: 7/10 rating, Bus Center, Fitness Ctr, Restaurant, In/Out Pool $217 - 3.5* Millennium Park: 7/10 rating, Bus Ctr, Fitness Ctr, Restaurant, Non-smoking, Free Internet.....Bed choice avail The low 3* scares me - so the upgrade to $217 in better area looks better. Any help identifying these candidates is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Started at $72, won at $92. For reference, the PRICELINE EXPRESS listed a 4.5 star for $105. So I am very pleased, especially on a Thanksgiving weekend. Have stayed at the Gwen on prior visits (it was formerly the Conrad) and it is always TOP notch. Truly deserving of 4.5 stars. :D :D :D
  6. started at $45, increased by $5 per bid, hit at $70. PL express was $75, so that was a hint. Hot.wire was $75 so that was another hint. Okay deal - I've had this hotel cheaper in the past.
  7. Bidding on 4.5 star Chicago - (Mag Mile - River North) Started at $70, increased bid by $5 increments, hit on $90. The Gwen used to be the "Conrad" hotel (as in "Conrad" Hilton). We've stayed here before - it's awesome. On Rush St., one block from Michigan Avenue adjacent to Nordstrom. Thrilled with this hotel at this price. Another trick: check out the PRICELINE EXPRESS deals. They were showing a 4.5 star for $104. This gives you a good idea of what you'll have to pay, as the bid price is usually about $10 to $20 bucks below that price. In this case my rate of $90 was $14 below the "Express" deal.
  8. Started at $35, increased by $5 increments, hit at $55. Please see my previous posts - This is a good hotel at great price for downtown Milwaukee - don't worry about 3.5 stars - its quality is more like 4.
  9. Thanks for the pointers. I will probably call first, but upon check-in I will mention that my friend had his wedding there last year, and that we had such a wonderful experience! Then I'll ask for a bit larger room! (It's a Sunday night so hopefully they will have something available) ;)
  10. Began bidding at $70, increasing by $5 increments. Won hotel at $90. I saw a 4-star Priceline Express Deal for $100 and judging by amenities it was the Allerton. So I sort of knew this was the hotel and the price. Having read reviews on TripAdvisor, some rooms can be VERY small (think: cruise ship). This is understandable as the hotel was built in 1920. However my confirmation says: "Room Assigned upon check-in" - so here's hoping that the person at the front desk is in a good mood!!! I feel when booking through Priceline I'm a "beggar who can't be a chooser...."
  11. Bidding on 6 rooms in Milwaukee - have done this several times before (my friends think I'm a genius ;) ) When targeting Milwaukee (Downtown) I HIGHLY recommend shooting for this hotel: 3.5 Stars Hilton Milwaukee City Center Yes, with Priceline you never know what hotel you're going to get...but as far as we know the only other 3.5-star hotel in this category is the Ambassador. But their prices never get this low, so you are virtually guaranteed a stay at the Hilton Milw City Ctr. The prices always seem to hit from $45 to $55 per night. You could try for a 4-Star hotel in the downtown area, but you will be paying TWICE as much - over $100 per night - and the quality is not any better. Anyway, $43 per night did not work, and we hit at $45. AMAZING deal considering the on-line "discounted" price of $109 per night!!
  12. Started with a low bid, then immediately looked at the offered Priceline.Express deals. Saw that there was a 4.5* offered for $136....so that was my top. Rebid at $90, increments of $5. Won at $130 - saved myself $6 over the Express Deal - whoop de doo. Oh well, still happy with THE JAMES - have never stayed there before but reveiws look good on Trip Advisor.
  13. Started bidding at $60 Upon first refusal, noted that a 4* in this area was offered via Priceline.Express Deal for $86 - so I knew my top was around $75 - $80. Went back to bidding, increased by $5, won hotel at $70. This is an easy one, as the Westin is currently the only known 4* in all of the Chicago - North Shore bidding zones.
  14. Began bidding on Priceline via link on betterbidding.com Opening bid: 4.5 Star in North Michigan Ave - River North area @ $120 Increased bid at $5 increments Won Intercontinental Hotel at $145 per night. We have stayed here before, location and hotel are excellent (hope we get a good room...) I am very happy with the price for the Memorial Day weekend!
  15. WOW. Very excited to try this GORGEOUS building! The coolest addition to the skyline in many years. Was splurging for this night, shooting for a 5-star on NMA/River North - with full expectations of it being the Park Hyatt (which would have been pretty damn cool too...) Anyway, I noticed that there was a Priceline Express Deal for a 5-star for $245. So I started bidding for a 5-star at $180, increasing by $5 increments. Won at $225, so I saved myself $20 over the Express deal - that can help pay for parking ;-) NOTE to administrator: Include the Trump in your list for 5-star properties.
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